New Hampshire’s legislature and moderate governor are defending life in the womb with a new state law that a pro-life activist calls a common-sense defense of unborn children.

Gov. Chris Sununu signed into law the Family Life Protection Act, which went into effect January 1. It bans abortions at 24 weeks and vows to punish abortionists who violate it with prison.

New Hampshire Right to Life spokesman Jason Hennessey tells American Family News the new law makes “basic sense” about basic biology that most fair-minded people agree with.

“That a baby that can be born should be born,” he says, “and should have protection under the law, which is what this law does.”

Gov. Sununu, a Republican not known as a stalwart conservative, angered abortion supporters when he signed the legislation last summer and thus approved the first pro-life state law in recent memory.

wildly angry press release from Planned Parenthood Action said the governor “forfeits” his claim to be a “pro-choice” governor because he has stripped away personal freedoms from pregnant people and criminalized doctors for doing their jobs.”

“Anybody who performs the abortion is guilty of a felony,” Hennessey explains. “It also has an ultrasound requirement, which requires an abortion practitioner to perform an ultrasound on a pregnant mother if they believe the baby could be 24 weeks or older. So there’s also a penalty if they’re not performing the ultrasound.”


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