It’s no surprise that the Clinton Foundation would honor the wife of an Islamic terrorist, says an Islamic terrorism expert.

Hannan al-Hroub is scheduled to speak at a foundation event Tuesday, September 27, despite her husband’s role in a 1980 terrorist bombing that killed six Israelis.

“I don’t know what kind of water they’re drinking,” says Jan Markell, “but a liberal will put a Muslim before an American any time.”

Omar al-Hroub was convicted as an accomplice in a bombing in Hebron and served 10 years in an Israeli prison. A chemist, he provided the chemicals for bombs that killed Israelis who were walking home from Sabbath prayers.

Al-Hroub, meanwhile, has been honored as a teacher who is urging nonviolence during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She was given a $1 million prize this year from a United Kingdom group on the premise that it looks only at the candidates, not their relatives.

Markell says liberals such as Hillary Clinton lambast Christians and conservatives for their treatment of women yet give a pass to Muslims, who treat women like cattle.

“So this is just further evidence that they cater to Muslims,” she complains. “They want to honor Muslims.”


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