A member of Congress set the record straight on abortions, and how they are performed and harm an unborn child, much to the displeasure of an abortionist who praised abortion as a “blessing.”

The U.S. House hearing on abortion allowed abortion supporters to vilify the Texas heartbeat law which has become a target of their fury in recent weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal by abortion supporters to stop the law.

At the hearing, Texas abortionist Ghazaleh Moayedi defended her life-taking profession with the claim that abortion “saves lives” and is a “blessing” to women.

“Abortion is an act of love,” she told lawmakers. “Abortion is freedom.”

When it was her turn to speak, however, Rep. Yvette Harrell (R-New Mexico) used her time to corner the abortionist on the medical procedures that are used to remove a fetus from the womb.

Then she sprang her trap.

“So these are more along the line of dismemberment abortion?” she asked.

“That is not a medical term,” the abortionist unhappily responded.

“But it is used?” the congresswoman pressed.

“The procedure is called the Dilation and Evacuation,” Moayedi responded, referring to the gruesome procedure in which fetal remains are removed by surgical tools and suction.

Dilation and Evacuation is sometimes used during a miscarriage, if the fetal remains are not expelled, but it is also common during a second-trimester abortion. The second trimester begins at approximately 13 weeks, or four months, into the pregnancy.

“I just want to make sure that the public can understand exactly what we’re talking about,” Herell told the abortionist, “because we’re talking about dismembering a baby with a heartbeat.”

The abortionist angrily suggested Rep. Herrell was “lying to the public” but the congresswoman, not backing down, said the public needs to know the truth.

“I’m gonna say ‘dismemberment.’ You don’t have to respond to that,” she countered. “But we all know that’s exactly what it is and people need to know what we’re talking about.”


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