Small businesses impacted by COVID-19 have been receiving government-backed loans to help them keep the lights on, including three media outlets with a reputation for a left-wing bias.

At least three fairly large newspapers were among those getting forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans under the CARES Act that congress passed last month. The Tampa Bay Times got an $8.5 million loan and The Seattle Times got $9.9 million.

Axios, an online outlet, took about $5 million.

The media outlets qualified for the loans based on the number of employees they have, but Curtis Houck of Media Research Center says all three have a fairly healthy liberal bias, and he says the Axios funding is the “most egregious” of the bunch.

“They are a very DC-esque news outlet,” he says. “They are not going to be writing about local issues or the things people might actually care about in their local newspaper.”

Houck says it’s galling that taxpayers’ money is essentially propping up an progressive propaganda, when the news industry has enjoyed plenty of time to adjust to changes brought by the Internet.

“Conservatives and even just decent-minded people,” he says, “are looking at this and saying, Wait a second, why should we bail out your poor decision making?” he says.



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