The budget bill is bad, and President Trump should not sign it. It’s a perfect example of the swamp NOT being drained, and it actually hurts our border security efforts. As far as the border wall… Trump says he has $8 billion to pay for it, and the Democrats are ready to pounce.

We tend to forget that since Congress doesn’t pass fiscal year budgets any more, that this bill is more than just about the Department of Homeland Security and border walls. It’s about funding eight other government departments as well. So when you look at this bill, you are just reminded of the wasteful spending that goes on regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are running the show.

Here’s some of the standard swampiness in this $333 billion spending bill:

* National Endowment for the Arts gets an increase in funding
* The IRS is getting an increase in funding
* The EPA is fully funded
* The Commerce Department is getting an extra billion dollars

In addition, there are provisions that actually make this a bad border security bill. From limits on construction to new restrictions on being able to deport someone to incentives to deal in child trafficking, the bill should be rejected.

Nancy Pelosi spoke out on Thursday about Trump’s plans to declare a national emergency. Her comments were nonsensical, but that certainly didn’t stop her from making them. Check out today’s show for her comments and for Trump’s resources to get $8 billion for the border wall.

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