A group of conservative leaders is calling on Republican senators to reject an amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act that would subject America’s daughters to Selective Service.

The Conservative Action Project has released a memo entitled “Conservatives Oppose Drafting Our Daughters” saying it “vehemently” opposes adding women to registration for the military draft – which is currently required by the House-passed version of the National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4350).

“Our defense policy should have a sole focus on the effectiveness of our troops ensuring military readiness, and taking all necessary policy measures to counter existing threats,” the memo states. “Women have served bravely and valiantly in combat, but service should remain their choice, not a federally mandated imperative.”

Walker Wildmon is vice president of operations for American Family Association, one of the signatories to the memo. It’s not right to compel America’s daughters and wives to fight on the front lines against America’s brutal enemies, he says.

“In time of war, our country needs mothers to be here on the homeland to help take care of families, to help disciple our children, and to help maintain stability in our households,” he tells AFN. “You take moms away from their families and you have a mother and a father overseas fighting, with the mother being forced to be deployed? That’s terrible for the security of the family.”

The Conservative Action Project is “greatly disturbed” that 135 Republican members of the U.S. House voted in favor of this policy. Wildmon says one of the reasons many voted that way is they’re afraid of being called sexist.

“Because this issue has been couched [in terms that imply] you’re against women if you’re against them going to fight our wars – but that’s just not the case,” he argues. “It’s actually the opposite.

“I think women can play vital roles in military and in our economy. But we don’t need [those] who are supposed to be protected and cherished in America in foxholes,” he emphasizes. “So, I’m for protecting women – and that means sheltering them from this mandatory draft.”

In conclusion, Wildmon urges that in the next election cycle, concerned citizens need to make note of who supported drafting women.

The NDAA amendment requiring women to register with the Selective Service was introduced by Representatives Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pennsylvania) and Michael Waltz (R-Florida).

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