The modern era of moral and cultural lunacy actually began several decades ago, with the advent of the “60s Revolution.” Of course it was all couched in utopian terms, such as the “Age of Aquarius” and every other euphemism of the flower-child, lovebead, and LSD movement. Predictably the real results of that era were anything but the “peace and love” professed by its leading activists.

Families began to break down. Traditional child rearing (which included such “barbaric” acts as spanking for bad behavior) was replaced with the dangerous and hapless idealism of Dr. Benjamin Spock, according to whom parents should pander to their children, instead of actually raising them. And of course traditional marriage was a major target, as it “oppressed” women by such burdens as raising their children and keeping the home.

Judeo-Christian morality was first marginalized as being only one point of view, based on the opinions of a certain archaic caste within society. Once that notion caught on, it subsequently was ostracized as “patriarchal and oppressive.” In its place came the “enlightened” concept of the collectivist state, in which it “takes a village to raise a child.” Yet people didn’t seem to notice that abominable behavior among children was instantly apparent, and on the rise. It was all just the “new generation” with their fresh and enlightened way of doing things.

Once real morality had been diminished to being just one of many options, the leftist counterculture turned up the heat, and began issuing its own set of “absolutes,” in a world where real standards of right and wrong were no longer recognized as established truths. But in total contrast to the “live and let live” pablum professed by the counterculture, the real goal was to steadily encroach on any contravening idea, with the full intention of demeaning it and eventually eradicating it. And for this to occur, an alternative set of “absolutes” had to be established.

Of course leftists were up to this task. Hypocrisy not being any impediment, leftists brazenly promoted the absurdities of “political correctness” as if they were universally understood axioms of “right and wrong,” in a world where leftists had previously asserted that right and wrong do not exist. In typical leftist fashion, they promoted their twisted ideals as the guideposts of authentic virtue, despite their glaring hypocrisy and the morally abominable ideology that was so readily apparent in them.

For many years now, “PC police ” on job sites, college campuses, and every other public and private venue have been shutting down legitimate discourse, claiming it to be a breach of some sort of proper “social order,” simply because somebody claims to be “offended” by it, or that it might run counter to the moral and societal rot of the leftist counterculture. Yet even “PC” was too restrictive to an ideology that has absolutely no guideposts or ideological framework, other than the total consummation of its seizure of power, under any available premise.

Enter the next state of malignant societal implosion: “Woke.” For starters, it should be pointed out that even the basic grammatical usage of the word is wholly wrong. “Woke” is a verb, not an adjective. Saying a person is “woke” is akin to saying he/she is “walk,” or “speak.” The correct word usage would have been “awake.” But given the feral levels to which modern society has decayed, such quaint notions as proper speech patterns are clearly too “oppressive” for the enlightened among us to consider.

According to the “woke” crowd, every craven method of the Marxists/leftists among us to seize and hold power, from violence in the streets to theft and arson, to the most vile and bigoted racial attacks (mostly on whites in this case) is somehow “morally” justified, given that those committing the attacks deem themselves the paragons of virtue and justice. Just ask them!

Now, the most heinous occurrences of racial and cultural injustice, which once would have been roundly denounced as hateful and inciting hostility, are accepted and even lauded, as proper antidotes to the presumed “privilege” of those being attacked. Nowhere among the leftist sewer, from the Fake News parakeets on network TV, to the gratuitous bubbleheads of the Hollywood left, to the toxic propagandists of modern academe, is such dangerous incitement of societal upheaval being condemned or restrained. Rather, the fires of mindless rage are relentlessly stoked, for the sole purpose of creating enough chaos and havoc that the “state” is compelled to step in and establish “order,” by waging an open war on those would dare to stand up to their attackers.

Of course the presumption in all of this is that the mainstream of America (people of every ethnicity who go to work, pay their bills, and abide by the law) will simply accept their fate at the hands of the leftist counterculture. And so far, that does indeed seem to be a likely prospect. The first episodes of blatant lawlessness on the part of street mobs that were essentially “endorsed” by cowardly or equally lawless city officials, began occurring during the Obama years. And much water has gone under that bridge ever since.

Appalling crimes, such as that leftist college “professor” wielding a bicycle lock as a weapon against innocent people at an antifa gathering, with virtually no consequence, have been going on for several years. And of course all of the BLM/antifa madness went into overdrive in the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd incident of May, 2020. Still, far too many Americans wait patiently for the “system” to arise from its thoroughly corrupt condition, and of its own accord, start upholding the law and enforcing justice.

It is high time for Americas who want a decent country in which to live, raise their families, and pursue their dreams to recognize that “the law,” as a framework for fairness and justice, will only work if it is vigorously upheld on an equitable basis. Any individual who advocates prejudicial enforcement, for the purpose of giving advantage to a corrupt political movement, proves himself/herself to be equally corrupt and a danger to all innocent and honorable citizens. In the current era, such actions are committed entirely by leftists on behalf of leftists.

America will not survive this onslaught unless it resolutely returns to its principles of honor, decency, and truth. No leftist countercultural assault against such ideals can succeed, unless those ideals are first forfeited and abandoned by the citizenry who had established and upheld them. That means the ball is ultimately in our court!

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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