The politics of race has taken a turn to the bizarre. In an effort to blatantly pander to particular ethnic groups, the Democrats have 1) created so much distraction for themselves, one has to wonder if they truly want to win in November, and 2) created a tidal wave of new memes that just keep getting better and better. Thank you Elizabeth (I’m so Native American that I’m going to take a DNA test and prove it) Warren and Beto (I’m so hispanic but can’t get into the Congressional Hispanic Caucus) O’Rourke.

I’m hesitant to really come down on Warren and O’Rourke. After all, based on my DNA which is posted on the right, they are likely both my relatives. So, that means, only I can make fun of them, and everyone else has to back off!

Poor Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The hole she has dug for herself keeps getting deeper and deeper. For years, she claimed to be of Native American heritage to gain student loans and help with job placement. Under ongoing scrutiny over such ridiculous claims, she took a DNA test which showed… you guessed it… she’s 1/1024th Native American. I guess by Democrat logic, she’s a relative of mine.

Then, we have Robert “Beto” O’Rourke. This fourth generation Irish dude seems to think that running as Beto suddenly makes him hispanic. As the Texas Tribune reported in 2013, “O’Rourke, whose nickname is popular among Latinos, is not a member because he lacks Hispanic heritage.” But, if he runs as “Beto,” I guess he’s a relative of mine as well.

What is with these people?

And then, of course, we had Rachel Dolezal, who grew up as a “white as can be” kid from Montana, but then decided to grow an afro and call herself black. I guess if we go back far enough, she’s a relative too.

Just when the Democrats needed to get their act together, Elizabeth Warren is leading the charge into the absurd. Here’s one of her tweets from Monday:

Tired of getting scammed? This is coming from the non-Cherokee, Cherokee. Keep it up, cuz. The memes keep getting better and better.

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