So… the new iPad has been out for less than a week, and the reviews are starting to come in. I picked mine up on opening day, and have had a chance to take it for a test drive.
The iPad is truly different than any device I’ve ever used. But a serious question remains. As the country moves from capitalism to socialism, is there a need for the iPad? Shouldn’t all Americans just use the Obama-Pad and be happy? Here’s the review… you decide.

As you open up the iPad, the first thing you notice is the size and clarity of the screen. It is stunning. The size is perfect for e-mail, surfing, and looking at pictures.
Let’s start with surfing the Internet. The iPad version of Apple’s Safari renders sites quickly and the entire feel of the device just makes you want to jump in and explore. The new GOPUSA web site, which will be launched soon, looks particularly good on this screen. In addition, the whole idea of touch-screen computing seems quite natural: want to visit a link? Tap it. Want to enlarge a picture? Stretch it. (Actually, you “pinch” it, but you get the idea.)
Of course the iPad version of Safari, like its iPhone counterpart does not handle Flash animations. This is due to Apple’s stand that Flash is a memory hog and not secure. Try telling that to your 8-year-old son who has visions of using MY iPad to play on his favorite web sites. We tried both and, and neither would show up because of the Flash limitation. Not good.
The way e-mail is laid out is fantastic. In portrait mode, the user sees a full-page version of an e-mail message. A push of a button pops up a list of all the e-mail messages in the inbox. If you turn the iPad to landscape mode, the screen splits to a more traditional arrangement of inbox on the left and an open e-mail message on the right.
My main focus for trying out the iPad was to see how a “real” program like a word processor or spreadsheet would work. The reasons are twofold. First, I needed to see if this was more than a big iPhone, although even with it’s current e-mail and web capabilities, I would definitely use this for working when I’m watching television rather that pulling out my laptop. Second, I believe Apple’s true motivation for the iPad is being hidden in their marketing and advertising.
Let me explain… Steve Jobs describes the iPad as a “revolutionary” device. It’s not. The proper word for it is that the iPad is an “evolutionary” device. The most important feature of it is not e-mail or web or movies or pictures. The most important feature is the touch screen coupled with a word processing or spreadsheet app. You see, the iPad is not a laptop replacement… but it will be. Using a touch screen to navigate, play, and do actual work is VERY natural. All Apple has to do is change the operating system from an iPhone-like system to that which is used in its desktops and laptops (OS X). Once that is done, along with a few additions, like a USB port for transferring files, then I would use the iPad as a laptop replacement. Goodbye mouse… touch screen is here to stay.
Those were my opinions of the iPad after a few days of review. But, it still faces a major competitor in the Obama-Pad. How does it stack up? Let’s take a look…

There you have it… Buy the ObamaPad… THEN learn what it does. Trust it. You don’t want one? That’s ok, he’ll force one on you. It may not work as well as the device you were using before, but if everyone has one, we’ll all be in the same boat and be happy. Right?

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