sign_stealingOnce again, we see a perfect example of how liberals operate by a different set of rules. They preach tolerance, yet are intolerant of any opposing views. They advocate free speech, as long as the speech proclaims left-wing ideals. Just look what happened when a pro-life group set up signs on a college campus and a liberal professor became “offended.”

On the UC Santa Barbara campus, there is a common area known as the Arbor. In this area, groups are allowed to set up booths and displays for various causes and distribute literature. It’s known as a “free-speech” zone, and groups do not need specific permission from the university in order to interact with students.

As reported by the Santa Barbara Independent, a Christian pro-life group known as Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust had staked out an area on campus. The area was staffed by about twelve members of the group and contained three large signs with pictures of late-term abortions.

Rather than letting the organization have its say, Dr. Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor of feminist studies, took issue with the group. According to Joan Short, one of the students staffing the both, here’s what happened:

Miller-Young approached the demonstration site and exchanged heated words with the group, taking issue with their pro-life proselytizing and use of disturbing photographs. Joan claimed Miller-Young, accompanied by a few of her students, led the gathering crowd in a chant of “Tear down the sign! Tear down the sign!” before grabbing one of the banners and walking with it across campus.

Joan said she called 9-1-1 and Thrin (her 16-year-old sister) started filming, and that the pair followed Miller-Young and two of her students — who Joan referred to as “the fugitives” — into nearby South Hall. As Miller-Young and the students boarded an elevator, Joan said that Thrin repeatedly blocked the door with her hand and foot and that Miller-Young continually pushed her back. Miller-Young then exited the elevator and tried to yank Thrin away from the door while the students attempted to take her smartphone. “As Thrin tried to get away, the professor’s fingernails left bloody scratches on her arms,” Joan claimed. The struggle ended when Thrin relented, Miller-Young walked off, the students rode up in the elevator, and officers arrived to interview those involved.

Here’s the video:

Ok, let’s step back for a second and look at what’s going on. First, if a group — any group — has a right to advocate a cause, then another group has a right to protest that cause. But rather then setting up some kind of pro-abortion booth, why do people like Miller-Young resort to shouting and rude behavior? That always seems to be their fall-back position: if you can’t win an honest debate, just shout really loudly.

But then what followed has absolutely nothing to do with acting in poor taste or rude behavior. Theft is theft. This is a college professor! Is this the kind of example the university wants to promote? Disagree with someone and you have every right to steal his or her property and destroy it?

In a follow-up story, the Santa Barbara district attorney’s office has filed formal charges against Miller-Young. The professor is charged with “theft, battery, and vandalism.”

Here is a excerpt from the police report:

Miller-Young said that her students “were wanting her to take” the sign away. Miller-Young argued that she set a good example for her students. Miller-Young likened her behavior to that of a “conscientious objector.” Miller-Young said that she did not feel that what she had done was criminal. However, she acknowledged that the sign did not belong to her.

I asked Miller-Young what crimes she felt the pro-life group had violated. Miller-Young replied that their coming to campus and showing graphic imagery was insensitive to the community. I clarified the difference between University policy and law to Miller-Young and asked her again what law had been violated. Miller-Young said that she believed the pro-life group may have violated University policy. Miller-Young said that her actions today were in defense of her students and her own safety.

Oh my gosh! Where do I even begin? According to Miller-Young, there should be “insensitivity” laws? And she says she acted in defense of her own safety? When was she ever in danger???

People like Miller-Young operate by a different set of rules, and for far too long, they have been allowed to get away with it. Free speech, fairness, and tolerance can’t just be applied to the issues of the left. And yet, that’s all they seem to care about.

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