Here’s an event that even has members of the left wing media stunned. They don’t know how to spin the story. It turns out that our “esteemed” president, Barack Obama, not only can’t do the job he was elected to do, can’t bring both sides together, can’t put politics aside, but he also has absolutely no class at all. Just look what he said at a recent gay and lesbian fundraiser.

This is quite a story, because it’s just not what Obama said, but how he said it, and how the media reacted to it. First, the details… As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, on Wednesday night, Obama was in Beverly Hills for a “glitzy star-studded LGBT gala.” The actual pool report released from the White House includes this paragraph:

Obama started at about 7 p.m. with an off-color joke about Ellen DeGeneres and his wife, who recently beat the comedian in a pushup contest on her talk show. He said DeGeneres had complained “that Michelle didn’t go all the way down.”

Those are the words. Here’s how they were delivered… please disregard the host’s comments for now. We will get to that in a minute. Just focus on what Obama said and how he said it.

So… what do you think? Now, you may believe that he’s talking about push-ups, but I think it’s quite clear that he was making a sex joke. The president of the United States is at a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (whatever) gala, and he is joking about what Michelle will do. And he’s NOT referring to pushups. The dramatic, comedic pause says it all.

Now let’s get to the comments of the host in the video. She doesn’t even know what to say. She knows what Obama said. She knows HOW he said it. And yet her reaction is that somehow Obama was “crestfallen” by the “joke?” She’s implying that Obama didn’t mean to say what he said. Come on!

This takes lack of class to a whole new level. Not only is Obama demeaning the office of president, he’s also lowering the position of First Lady. Do you think he even cares?

Now I’m sure there will be reports of people taking a “pushups” comment way out of context. But that’s the whole thing… we have the context. We have the video. We can hear the tone and see the delivery. It’s simple: our president simply has no class and no respect whatsoever for the office he holds.

What do you think?

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