From the moment Americans began responding to the spread of the Wuhan virus with genuine fear, it became glaringly evident that certain political players in high office were vigorously stoking those fears in every possible manner, with a singular goal of exploiting the situation to amass as much power for themselves as possible. And given their despicable motives, it is no surprise that every one of those individuals is a leftist Democrat. When the dust settles on this upheaval (and it will), Americans need to do a thorough “post mortem” of it, to identify who the guilty parties are, and how they can be prevented from ever again engaging in such hideous behavior.

It’s appalling (but not really surprising) how readily leftists will seize on any situation as an “opportunity,” regardless of how much needless suffering and even death their actions inflict. Americans are getting a glimpse of a very ugly side of the political and cultural left during these chaotic times. But the reality is that this is who they’ve been all along.

This time however, the situation is shaping up in a starkly different manner. Of course several thousand Americans have tragically lost their lives to the Wuhan virus; a loss which is also suffered by their grieving friends and families (as is the case every year from regular seasonal influenza). But now, many tens of millions of Americans have been devastated not by the virus, but by horrendous policy disasters imposed by power grubbing leftist Democrats. Not merely lives, but livelihoods are being systematically destroyed by a wholly unnecessary and excessive “lock down.”

It was predictable from early on that responses to the virus would align very neatly with right vs. left political ideology. That’s how fortune and misfortune in life plays out these days on every issue. However, with leftist Democrats being so blinded by arrogance and drunk with power the moment they realized they could exempt themselves from the consent of the governed, they wielded their authority with despotic excess. Consequently, a “Perfect Storm” has been brewing. And it has the potential to finally and decisively neutralize the disease of leftist ideology that has plagued America for far too long.

A stark and inescapable contrast is emerging on a grand scale, of two possible futures for the nation. With both political camps having to deal with the real risks of the Wuhan virus, those states and regions where Republicans hold high office are enjoying far better results, with far less restrictions, oppression, or abuse of power, than any jurisdiction where a leftist Democrat is in charge. This is no coincidence.

As Republican governors across the land do their utmost to reopen their economies and remove the fetters and shackles that the lockdown imposed on the people so that lives can be saved and livelihoods restored as quickly as possible, leftist Democrats are obsessively expanding their iron-fisted control on every front, and looking for every possible excuse to prolong the suffering and despair. The motivation of each, as exhibited by these policies, is a direct manifestation of their opposing political and cultural ideologies.

The leaders who want to see the American economy flourish also want to take their hands off of any situation which can be entrusted to individual responsibility. And they are the same ones who, prior to the virus, wanted to lower taxes and make energy more available and affordable. The tinhorn despot wannabes, with their ominous encroachments on individual liberty, are ardent minions of socialist ideology with its grip on every aspect of life for those under its dominion.

Leftists have previously done a sterling job creating “sheep’s clothing” by which to put a facade of utopian innocence on their socialist monster. But thinking that the pandemic/panic was their “golden opportunity” to move their agenda rapidly and irrevocably forward, they drastically overplayed their hand. Americans are fed up and angry. Even those in “Blue” states, who voted these leftist Democrats into office, are enraged by the callous disregard those office holders no display towards them, deeming many of them “non-essential” and writing off their lives and their suffering with reptilian cold-bloodedness.

Now, it only remains for real Republicans, who truly uphold conservative principle, to relentlessly spotlight the glaring differences that can so easily be observed between the two versions of America that are emerging from this crisis. On the one side are the Republican, pro-Constitution, pro-freedom, pro-free market, regions where people can rejoice as they more quickly return to a thriving economy and living out the American dream. On the other side are the leftist Democrat jurisdictions with their unwarranted and interminable lockdown extensions, accompanied by all the early signs of the socialist cancer, including shortages, massive unemployment, and the ominous emergence of a police state.

Leftist Democrats at every level of government are playing a diabolical waiting game, hoping to deliberately maximize the hardship and misery of their own minions, but somehow escape blame by claiming it’s all the fault of President Trump. If properly spotlighted, the facade of leftist Democrat “benevolence” can be removed, and their truly sinister intentions exposed for all to see. The GOP has a historic opportunity to expose these truly vile leftist Democrat ulterior motives. Their unmasking would be their political demise. Americans are still able to chart their own future and restore the greatness of the nation.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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