It’s the year 2023, and Miss Universe is owned by a biological man claiming to be a woman. The new male owner, Anne Jakrajutatip declared, “From now on it’s going to be run by women, owned by a trans woman for all women around the world to celebrate the power of feminism!”

The media celebrated his $20 million dollar purchase of the Miss Universe Pageant by declaring that the new male owner, or ‘trans woman,’ is the first woman to own the global beauty pageant organization.

The same people, who claim that indulgence in the childhood belief in Santa Clause is tantamount to waterboarding, demand that we indulge in the adult fantasy that biological men can become women.

It’s 2023, after all, and men with their reproductive organs intact are beating women in NCAA swim championships. William Thomas, one such man with a penis, grew his hair out, changed his name to Lia, donned a one-piece, and became the first man to win the women’s Division I NCAA swim championship last year. Thomas was celebrated for ‘her’ victory.

Not long ago, it would have been considered sexual harassment if a man exposed his genitalia to a group of women in the female locker room. But it’s 2023 and a man can flash his schlong to a group of women without consequence so long as he adopts a female name and claims to be a woman. Such was the case in the women’s locker room at the University of Pennsylvania, where Thomas exposed himself to his female swim-mates. Female teammates complained, but their concerns were ignored by the University.

It’s 2023 and public schools in the United States prioritize teaching ‘gender theory,’ over math or science. Rather than prepare our children to succeed, our schools prepare our children to transition — distracting, confusing, and poisoning their minds with insipid fantasies of altering their gender. Child literacy rates may be declining, but at least child ‘transgenderism’ and mental health problems are on the rise.

Not long ago, in 2018, Democrats refused to fund President Trump’s $5 billion dollar border wall, calling it “immoral, ineffective, and expensive.” In 2022, the same Democrats approved $113 billion dollars to assist Ukraine to defend its own border. It was our ‘moral obligation,’ they said.

In 2023 protecting the lives of Ukrainians is more important than protecting the lives of Americans and securing foreign borders more important than securing our own.

More than one hundred thousand Americans died from drug overdoses in 2022 — largely from fentanyl — which is smuggled into the United States from Mexico. Despite this, the same people demanding we send tanks, cash, and F-16’s to save Ukrainian lives cry foul at any suggestion of preventing the invasion at our own border; an invasion, which has seen well over 5 million illegals enter America just since Biden became President.

And while the Biden Administration prepares to send F-16’s to Ukraine, it wasn’t long ago that Biden himself mockingly told angry American citizens, who have seen their own security and livelihoods threatened by Bidenomics and his failed domestic and foreign policy, that “if you want to, think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” How long until Biden sends Ukraine nukes to accompany their arsenal of American tanks and fighter jets?

Anti-Second amendment advocates demand gun control to prevent criminals from committing the already illegal act of murder. But after a 15-year-old boy wearing a skirt raped a girl in the girls’ bathroom at a high school in Loudon County, Virginia, these same ‘progressives’ doubled down on their insistence that boys have the ‘right’ to enter girls’ bathrooms.

In 2023 we seem to have a new Constitution to replace the old one. The unalienable Rights to Free Speech and Gun ownership, which are enshrined in the old Constitution are no longer guaranteed. They have been replaced with new rights, apparently discovered in invisible ink — the Right to amnesty, infanticide, and the mutilation of a minor’s genitalia without parental consent.

In 2023 the antidote to racism is racism. In the name of inclusion Universities and corporations throughout America actively exclude Whites and Asians from their admissions or hiring processes. How far we’ve come. A Nation, which once fought to abolish lawful discrimination on the grounds of amorality now fights to re-establish lawful discrimination against conservatives, Whites, Asians, and Christians.

Cities like San Francisco are proposing ‘reparations’ in the form of $5 million dollars for each Black resident, despite the fact that California was never a slave state.

Ironically, American children, who are told that they can choose their genders and pronouns are also told they cannot choose whether they are racists or non-racists, oppressors or oppressed.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum recently expelled Catholic students and their chaperones for wearing beanies inscribed with pro-life messages. Tolerance is a thing of the past.

Ivan Provorov, an NHL player for the Philadelphia Flyers was recently attacked after he chose not to wear a rainbow themed LGBTQ+ Pride Night jersey during pre-game warmups. Notably, Provorov’s jersey sold out in many online stores, including the NHL shop afterward. In 2023, an organization’s commitment to the left’s political agenda supersedes any commitment to one’s audience or fan base.

While the left’s political agenda doesn’t reflect the current culture, even those who quietly oppose it are eager to publicly signal their support.

The ultra-wealthy Biden supporter and NBA star Steph Curry, who recently visited the White House and heaped praise upon the Biden Administration for all it “is doing to help create a safer environment in our country,” privately asked his own local government officials not to put low income housing near his $30 million dollar mansion because “safety and privacy for [Curry] and [his] kids continues to be our top priority and one of the biggest reasons we chose Atherton.” Atherton is the wealthiest zip code in America.

All of this, of course, was unimaginable just a short time ago. It leaves one asking, “Dude, where’s my country?”

Drew Allen, the Millenial Minister of Truth, is the host of “The Drew Allen Show” podcast and a widely published columnist and political analyst. He is the Vice President of Client Development at Publius PR and also the Editor of the Publius National Post. Subscribe to read his work at
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