The web of rampant corruption at the top levels of American government is vast and ominous. It involves high crimes that include the sale of official influence, abuses of power to cover up those crimes, dubious collaboration of key players in high office, intimidation of innocent Americans, exoneration of obvious felons, and worst of all, the prosecution and incarceration of individuals for purely political and vindictive purposes. This last outrage represents a potentially fatal milestone for the American justice system, and if unchecked will signal the onset of full-fledged despotism.

            Two facts need to be fully understood about the present situation in which America finds itself. First, irrespective of any professed party affiliation of those who are complicit, the criminality exists entirely on the political left. Secondly, if America is to be rescued from the dangerous precipice where it currently hangs, the only option is to identify, prosecute, and punish every one of the perpetrators. The stakes are truly that high.

            Consider the original crime at the very bottom of this teeming cesspool, and just how far the discourse and the focus of any investigations have drifted from it, all of which is totally by design. An IG report filed in May of 2016 revealed that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had been using a private e-mail server. Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton had an unbroken track record of brazenly committing crimes, and then challenging investigators to actually pursue them. Invariably, her total shamelessness and audacity unnerved her inquisitors. This, coupled with her bare-faced willingness to “play stupid,” and horrendously complicate their work with endless lies, rabbit trails, and deflections, was historically sufficient to totally stall every inquiry. While taking place on a much higher level than any previous instances, the pattern in this episode was identical to those of the past.

            In essence, as Hillary Clinton rose in the ranks, she has made a career of evading justice at every level by essentially destroying it. Her felonious actions that were unmasked in 2016 represented the zenith of such behavior, but were by no means an end of it. Since the server abuses were made known, her actions, and those of all involved with her, have been directed at establishing an effective “cover up.” With prison time being the only likely consequence of turning back, she has no alternative but to continue pressing forward. Meanwhile, all those involved with her faced the same choices, and are clearly in league with her, and her intentions to avoid accountability.

            Her timing in all of this was predictable, engaging in her crimes when she could enjoy the greatest cover as a result of the thorough, institutionalized infiltration, corruption and weaponizing of every high level government agency by the Obama Administration. Hence, when the FBI was called to investigate Hillary’s treasonous breach of national security, then FBI director James Comey was right there to “exonerate” her in August of 2016. Not surprisingly, evidence surfaced that he had made his decision before any investigation had ever taken place. Likewise, Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch was on hand for that “private” consultation with Bill Clinton, in order to ensure that all those involved properly played their parts.

            Since that time, this malignancy on American justice has greatly metastasized, seeping into the Trump Administration, despite President Trump’s best efforts, and totally overtaking the current political discourse from the Democrats. The disgraceful sham “investigation” by Robert Mueller, and in fact the entire “Russians/Ukraine” ruckus, including the phony impeachment perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi and her leftist minions, are merely outgrowths of the web of criminality that was put in place by Obama, and happily exploited by Hillary Clinton.

            America needs to wake up to the grave danger now facing it. There is no “third option” of simply moving forward from all of this. Either these criminals are expunged from the system and made to pay for their abuses, or they and their abusive ways become the very system under which all Americans will be forced to live.

            Attorney General William Barr has been lauded by those on the right for his dogged determination to get to the bottom of all the crimes. He certainly can have no illusions as to the extent of the corruption, or of the daunting nature of the necessary task before him. Nor can he be ignorant of the fatal consequences to the nation if he fails to follow through. While he has mostly appeared to be devoted to this cause, he has given a few mixed signals that, given the stakes, are cause for alarm.

            In September of 2017, the DOJ (under the hapless direction of then AG Jeff Sessions) refused to investigate the criminal suppression of conservative free speech by Lois Lerner of the Internal Revenue Service. As a result, the evil mechanism remains in place, whereby the government can financially incapacitate individuals and organizations, based solely on its dislike for their political ideology.

            On February 14, 2020, it was announced that despite an obvious record of abuses by former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the DOJ was dropping charges against him. In essence, McCabe’s sedition and dangerous trampling of the Constitution and its enshrined rights of free citizens, would not face any consequences whatsoever. As a result, the FBI is now officially sanctioned as a weapon of the leftist “Deep State,” the entire force of which can be wielded against any member of the political opposition.

            At present, the D.C. Swamp now has at its disposal these two vastly powerful offices who can attack individual citizens at will, potentially inflicting total financial ruin, or even projecting lethal force against them, though no crime by those citizens has been committed. This is hardly reflective of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” And if this appalling situation is not reversed, those hallmarks of the American ideal face imminent extinction.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years, and is author of the book Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture which is a guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left and is available at

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