Do you ever feel like Luke Skywalker when he walks into the alien bar where the bizarre is portrayed as normal?

Just considering a recent Democratic proposal in Alabama makes it feel as if we have awakened to find ourselves surrounded by drunken space creatures.

It seems that a Democratic Alabama state legislator has lost her mind over new state laws that offer greater protections to preborn babies. Her response is for the Alabama government to require that every man over 50 and every father of three children to undergo forced sterilization.

State Rep. Rolanda Hollis tweeted: “The Vasectomy bill is to help with the reproductive system. This is to neutralize the abortion ban bill.”

Some say that Ms. Hollis is just making a point and that she never intends for her freakish bill to become law.

To automatically assume her draconian legislation is a joke is to ignore the crazy and often barbaric history of so-called “progressives.” Margaret Sanger and other feminists of the ’20s and ’30s preached forced sterilization of people they deemed unfit to be parents. Horrifically, some 60,000 Americans became victims of sterilization at the hands of our government.

Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and architect of the current abortion industry, also preached infanticide.

Reasonable people recoil at the notion that anyone would advocate the killing of newborn babies. Yet all three Democratic senators currently running for president voted against a bill that would have outlawed infanticide. Joining Sens. Bernard Sanders, Elizabeth Warrenand Amy Klobuchar in voting down the protection of newborns were 41 other Democratic senators.

Consider how these bizarre and barbaric Democratic policies thwart common sense and decency: Kindergartners can magically determine their sex, and their 5-year-old classmates can be punished if they call a boy who decided to become a girl “he” or use his previous male name. Children can be injected with drugs to prevent their natural sexual development. Boys and girls must be taught graphic sex education and forced to share locker rooms and bathrooms.

Democratic leaders also want the government to create and enforce speech codes and curtail the religious freedom of Christians. They seek to force women’s sporting events to include biological males who believe that they are really women. Their policies of opening borders, not requiring voter ID, adopting Shariah law policies and establishing “sanctuary” cities have many wondering what world we are living in.

The list goes on and on and gets more bizarre the deeper you dig.

In fact, a simple reading of the 2016 Democratic Party platform reveals their road map to bedlam. Liberty is envisioned as a social system in which government is the senior partner demanding control over every person, every thing, every transaction, every association, every action and every inaction.

How? Through myriad regulations based on incomprehensible legislation implemented through proscriptive policies that redistribute wealth. Most regulatory requirements exist not to protect the citizen but to protect government control over the citizen.

The Democrats will never meet a socialist program they don’t like and will not admit the failures of such, despite the obvious.

When their programs fail to deliver, they demand more money and more control. They never stop to scratch their heads and consider if the idea itself might be fundamentally flawed.

Take, for example, public education. Democrats never ask themselves: How much better is public education since the 1979 establishment of the Department of Education?

Of course, we all know that federal interference in education is a total disaster. The behemoth brainchild of Democratic President Jimmy Carter and the liberal teachers union was designed to give the liberal National Education Association more power and Mr. Carter more votes from his base. In sucking billions and billions of dollars out of the hands of citizens and dumping them into the hands of bureaucrats, our children became the big losers.

Yet the creatures in the D.C. swamp continue to dangle your money in front of states to coerce local adherence to their alien ideals, all of which are antithetical to freedom.

In a party controlled by angry feminists and socialists, one can hardly recognize any of their proposals as American.

Is the cabal of today’s Democratic leaders eerily similar to the famous bar scene in “Star Wars?” In describing the gathering of the bizarre, Obi Wan Kenobi says to Luke Skywalker, “You’ll never find a more wretched hive of … villainy.”

What do you think?

⦁ Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected].

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