With clockwork predictability, the “reported” cases of the Wuhan virus are spiking. Next, Dr. Fauci makes another pitch for those worthless and ineffective masks, and in response the Dow drops like a rock. One has to wonder how many of Fauci’s relatives are “in the loop” to sell short on cue. In any case, the overall effect is that the America of 2020 is once again in chaos, with leftist Democrats chanting incessantly that President Trump is somehow to blame for everything from the spread of the disease to the curiously well-timed riots in Philadelphia.

Many Americans have expressed their longing for 2020 to be over, as if its mere chronology is somehow culpable for the mess we are in. Yet if they really believe such a thing they are sadly mistaken. The mayhem and discord are not coincidental or accidental. They are specifically coordinated to cause the greatest negative impact on the political scene. And if anyone thinks things will magically return to normality after December 31, they do not understand the vile workings of the American left.

The upheaval was wholly deliberate. Thus it could have been wholly avoided, if safety from disease, law and order, and the general well-being of Americans had been the priority. But while a happy and flourishing country is good for the people on Main Street, it is always “bad” for the leftist agenda. Convincing the populace to accept leftist ideology with it’s raw abuses of power requires as much fear and suffering as possible, in order to bring people to the point of ignoring its horrendous track record of universal failure, so they might start looking to it for their “salvation.”

Americans need to stop and ask themselves just what good could come from an ideology that can only advance on that basis. And what good could possibly come from a party that is so devoid of any tenet of decency that it would embrace such a detestable mindset? But that is who the modern leftist Democrats have become. The only ones who can escape being lumped into this detestable grouping are those who openly renounce the party. Thus far, the number of Democrats in official office who have done so is negligible.

This is why it is naive to expect things will somehow go back to decency and civility on their own. Leftists do not operate that way. A Republican win on Tuesday will only incite leftist Democrats to ratchet up their assault on traditional America, while they insist that pre-“pandemic” economic gains and optimism for future of the nation never happened, and that only in their hands can “utopia” ensue.

A leftist Democrat win would also be no cause for celebration, either for the right or the left. Instead, it would constitute the final, all out assault on the institutions of our free Republic, to be supplanted by the nightmare of iron-fisted leftist oppression. Things might become “quiet” after that, but only when every last vestige of opposition has been crushed. That is hardly the definition of “peace” or freedom.

Meanwhile, expect a rash of new lockdowns, as if the old ones accomplished anything other than to oppress, isolate, scare, and disenfranchise Americans from enjoying “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Maybe the media can create another toilet paper panic. The first one was wholly contrived, not resulting from a lack of actual basic supplies, but as a “stampede” of those who were scared by the incessant “reports” on the nightly “news” of impending empty shelves and other calamities.

In the same manner, leftist Democrats such as New York’s shameless Senator Chuck Schumer are promising retribution for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Of course Schumer spews his venom from the perspective of an indignant but “righteous” warrior for all that is deemed worthy inside the Beltway swamp. None of his rants have any genuine bearing on the integrity of the Constitution, because leftists see our nation’s founding charter as an obstacle to be shredded, along with every other precept of the American ideal.

The leftist fear campaign poses one more threat. Elderly Americans are scared to go to polling places for fear of contracting the virus. The goal is to either keep them sequestered in their houses on Election Day, or convince them to hand their ballots over to leftist Democrat “ballot harvesters” who promise to deliver the ballots to their proper destinations with total honor and fairness. Incidents of election fraud and chicanery are already extensive.

So in these crucial last days before November 3, our job is to make sure that eligible Americans do go to the polling places and vote, and that no American who wants a bright future for the country fails to make the effort to do so. If the real will of the American people is not represented at the polls, the malignant ideology and agenda of the left will most certainly take its place. In that case, all of the scare tactics, all of the iron-fisted abuses of power from leftist Democrats in every prominent position, and all of the verbal and physical assaults, theft, and vandalism will have achieved their intended purpose.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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