In a candid video from a 2020 election speech in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden sounded incoherent and couldn’t get out one clear sentence before Biden campaign handlers moved in. Biden wasn’t sure what day the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation vote was scheduled and showed once again that even with limited campaign appearances, he can’t handle the job. If Biden can’t handle campaigning against President Trump, how can Biden handle the job of actually being president?

The “Sleepy Joe” nickname seems to describe most of Biden’s campaign events. While President Trump is holding multiple rallies each day, Biden’s schedule is shockingly light. The Biden gaffes are increasing and his so-called lead is evaporating. Will his inability to seriously campaign make a difference with undecided voters?

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has Democrats in a complete meltdown. Plus, more information comes out on the Hunter Biden / Joe Biden corruption scandal.

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