A new poll from the Wall Street Journal has revealed that white suburban women are shifting their support from Democrat to Republican ahead of the midterm elections, with this notable shift coming in part due to rampant inflation and skyrocketing crime across the country.

The survey, conducted just two weeks before midterm elections take place across the country, revealed that overall, Republicans now hold an edge over Democrats at 46 to 44 percent.

Part of this push towards Republican support can be seen amongst white suburban women, who according to pollsters make up 20 percent of the electorate.

This group has shifted a staggering 26 percentage points away from the Democrats since the Wall Street Journal’s poll in August. Suburban white women now favor the GOP by 15 percentage points.

This shift in support comes as voters say the Republican Party would be more fit to address rampant inflation and rising crime seen under the Biden administration and Democrat leadership.

One 39-year-old stay-at-home mother from Pennsylvania, Jennifer Hackworth, told the Wall Street Journal that she has noticed the prices of necessities like clothing for her children and grocery items getting more expensive.

“The Dems have kind of proved that they haven’t been able to make a change with [inflation]. It’s just gotten worse in the last couple of years,” said Hackworth.

Hackworth said that she usually leans Republican, but she had previously considered voting for Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman due to his stance on abortion.

Though undecided, Hackworth said that she is leaning toward Republican candidate Mehmet Oz.

“While I would want to support the right for a woman to choose, I also want to support our economy getting better, because it’s not right now,” Hackworth said, adding “Give the Republicans a chance in Congress. See what they can do.”

Overall, 48 percent of voters said that the Republican Party would be best to curb inflation, compared to 27 percent who said that Democrats would be best.

With regard to crime, 43 percent of voters overall said that Republicans would be better able to tackle the issue, while just 27 percent said the Democrats could.

This recent poll echoes the findings of other ones across the country, with Americans stating that the economy and crime are top issues on their minds as they head to the polls next week.

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