I just don’t get it. Liberals have been firmly entrenched in government and bureaucracy for decades. As standards and American values continue to go downward, doesn’t it seem reasonable that these people would stop for just a second and say, “Hmmm… maybe, just maybe, our policies are actually hurting the country.” Nope. It’s not going to happen, and a sampling of recent news stories shows that liberals are as messed up as ever.

First, of course, is the murder of 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard by Aaron Alexis. Before the dust had even cleared and actual EVIDENCE was gathered, liberals in the media and in Washington were going after the gun and not the murderer. The New York Daily News and CNN jumped at the chance to say that “once again” an AR-15 “assault rifle” was used in the killings.

Piers Morgan on CNN went off about gun control and the AR-15 without knowing any of the facts.


As reported by Breitbart.com, CNN had to then step back from its assertion because those pesky facts got in the way:

Buried in an article singling out the AR-15, CNN reported that an AR-15 was not found on the scene.

Apparently, sometime yesterday, the talking point went out that said that the anti-gun narrative coming out of the Navy Yard shootings would be to turn the AR-15 into this massacre’s convenient left-wing bogeyman — all in an effort to get it banned.

The left-wing, anti-science media blows it again by caring more about the agenda than the facts.

The question is… why? Why promote “gun free” zones when ANYONE, even a liberal, would know that it means the only person who will have a gun is the bad guy. Why make American society into one big pond of sitting ducks?

Next there is the topic of racism in America. We would write a book on this one. We have liberal politicians including Barack Obama jumping on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon simply because Trayvon was black. The facts didn’t matter… the evidence didn’t matter… the trial didn’t matter. And yet, when there is story after story of black on white violence, the left wing politicians and the media are silent. Why?

It seems like liberals want to feel good about themselves regardless of the consequences. Did it ever occur to them that creating an atmosphere in which one race (any race) can feel like they can do anything and the media and politicians will be on their side could have devastating consequences?

Todd Starnes at Fox News wrote this week on his experience with the left while he was tweeting about the Miss America pageant. When Miss Kansas was eliminated from the competition, Starnes tweeted: “The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values.”

CNN and other outlets went nuts. They claimed that tweets from Starnes and others represented a racist attack on the the pageant winner, Miss New York who is of Indian decent. Hello! Starnes’ comments were made BEFORE the winner was crowned!

My tweet was posted at 10:53 p.m. eastern, according to the Twitter time stamp. Miss New York was announced as the winner of the pageant at 10:57:18 p.m. eastern. It shows I was tweeting about Miss Kansas – not Miss New York.

NBC reporter Eun Kyung Kim followed suit in a story titled, “New Miss America’s Indian heritage sparks racist comments.”

“Meanwhile, Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary, blamed the win on a ‘politically correct’ panel of judges, according to a series of tweets,” Kim wrote.

NBC’s Kim reported that I “blamed” Miss New York’s win on a “politically correct” panel of judges.”

And here’s another one that personally drives me crazy: the increasing use of profanity and vulgarity in so-called “entertainment.” There’s nothing like taking the kids to see a super-hero movie — they are all rated PG-13 these days — and hearing someone tell someone else in the movie to “F*** Off!”

You hear it over and over again. It turns out that the motion pictures “standards” — compiled by a group of left wingers — indicate that using the word F*** is ok as long as it doesn’t refer to a sexual reference. So, calling people a “bunch of f***ers” is ok. Telling someone to “go F*** yourself” is ok.

How can this be ok? Is it just me??? In my house, we didn’t even say things like “sucks” or “crap” (and we still don’t with my kids), and yet those words are said all the time now. It appears that the left doesn’t want any standards at all, but again… they don’t seem to care about the consequences that go with their actions.

Fox News reports that the new Britney Spears song using the “b-word” no less than 15 times.

“Using curse words in pop songs doesn’t show off artistic talent, it shows lack of creativity. It’s sad that so many female recording artists think in order to stay relevant they must degrade themselves,” entertainment publicist Angie Meyer-Olszewski told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “And as a parent, it becomes more difficult to set a proper example for our kids, when mainstream musicians are portraying images and lyrics that contradict traditional teachings of right from wrong.”

However, very little has been said critically of the title word in the mainstream media since Spears dropped the song. According to New York-based PR guru Elissa Buchter, that’s because the once shocking B-word really doesn’t have much of a sting these days.

“The word doesn’t hold quite the stigma that it used to and has become a part of the mainstream; younger women even use it as a term of endearment to describe their friends now.”

The question is… why doesn’t it have “much of a sting” these days? Why do liberals keep changing the standards so that there are fewer and fewer standards?

The mind of a liberal is almost impossible to understand. They are so bent on making themselves feel good, but they pay little attention to the people they say they are helping. If you can figure them out, you are certainly smarter than I am.

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