The lack of respect (and outright violence) that is being directed to police officers is not limited to our men and women in blue. It appears that thugs have no limits. Whether it’s law enforcement officials, elderly or unsuspecting citizens in the “knock out game,” or, in this case, a high school football referee, the attacks continue. And you’ll never guess what the “excuse” is.

During a football game last week between San Antonio John Jay and Marble Falls, two players on the John Jay team targeted an official during the closing stages of the game. Each player focused solely on the referee and delivered punishing blows including a helmet-led hit.

Here’s one angle of the hits: reports that the two players have been suspended both from school and from the team.

The district released a statement Sunday morning about the event.

“This is disturbing,” Northside ISD spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said as part of the district’s official statement. “It is not the sportsmanlike behavior that we teach our students. We are cooperating fully with the University Interscholastic League with this investigation.”

There is also the possibility of criminal charges being pursued.

Wayne Elliot, the head of the Austin Officials Coaches Association, told the Associated Press that the official, who Elliot declined to name to the news organization, was very upset and wanted to press charges.

“The first thing we want is that those two kids never play football again,” Elliot told the Associated Press.

In a statement issued by the University Interscholastic League on Sunday, the governing body for the state’s public school extra-curricular activities said the league is “extremely concerned about the actions portrayed.”

What’s just as disturbing as the attack against the referee is that now some students are claiming that the referee made racist statements to the players.

My brother is a football player for John Jay High School,#27 told me the whole real story, sorry reff but when you…

Posted by Clarissa Delgado on Sunday, September 6, 2015

So, this is what the country is coming to? Let’s just assume for one minute that the referee did make disparaging comments during the game. If so, there are official procedures in which the coaches can protest to the head official. That did not happen. Instead, the referee was attacked. So alleged name calling is now dealt with using violence? Is that the society we have now?

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