“No-go zones” – a term most Americans associate with Islamic terrorist-laden communities taking over Europe – are already starting to be established in the United States … thanks to the taxpayer-funded welfare system, as seen in Europe, says a former Muslim.

Raheem Kassam, who has converted from Islam, is sending Americans a dire warning that the tide of Islamism has already begun in many U.S. cities, as the federal government continues to give welfare benefits to many American Muslims dedicated to isolating themselves from American culture and/or carrying out jihad so that they can have more time to coordinate Islamic terrorist attacks – instead of earning a living.

“[This] help [facilitates a] huge swathe of people not doing anything,” Kassam told Greg Corombos in an interview on Radio America. “All day, every day [there are] men hanging on street corners, in the cafes, outside smoking, drinking tea, chatting, going back and forth between the mosque and the café.”

Brace yourselves …

The author of the recently released No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, goes to pains to warn freedom-loving Americans that if the politically correct political leaders and legislators in the U.S. continue to promote and adopt the Islam-embracing policies sweeping across Europe – which have resulted in a tide of deadly terrorist attacks – what happens on a regular basis across the Atlantic will be soon become a mainstay in the U.S., as well.

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“[Kassam] explains such no-go zones already are a problem across Europe, and he sees the beginnings of the same troubles in America,” WND reported. “He said the radicals are being forced by the socialist programs in Europe into the circumstances that cause them to ‘live lives devoid of work, and joy and freedom – and he sees the same influences developing in America.”

The former adherent to Islam makes his case and point by bringing attention to what is happening in one of America’s most highly concentrated Muslim communities, which has been a hotbed for breeding Islamization for years.

“[H]e points out that a museum in the area of Dearborn, Michigan, which has a large Muslim population, already is ‘undermining the U.S. government’ and mocking the president and the vice president,” WND’s report continued.

Kassam describes the building dedicated to the so-called historical observance of cultures in few words.

“[The museum features] nothing more than anti-Israel propaganda,” he impressed.

Europe not far away …

Several thousand miles to the east, no-go zones are becoming the norm – rather than the exception – as the author pointed out from his on-location research abroad.

“I could not pick and choose when I wanted to be there, it was just whenever I could arrive, it was the middle of the night in many cases, it was whenever the train or the plane arrived,” he said, emphasizing that the extreme Islamization he found was not concentrated on just a few notorious areas.

In his book, Kassam announced that the United Kingdom, France, Germany Italy, Spain, Belgium and Sweden are all paying dearly for their mistakes of implementing politically correct immigration policies. As a consequence, the lives of dozens of their own citizens have been lost – being slaughtered in Islamic terrorist attacks.

In his publication, he highlights his visits to 14 cities that have gotten bad reputations for being plagued with no-go zones.

“There, almost daily reports of attacks by Muslim immigrants, often with knives or vehicles, are reported,” WND informed. “They include the Molenbeek area of Brussels and the Rosengard section in Malmo, Sweden, where outsiders, including police, dare not tread.”

In fact, anti-West Muslims have literally taken over many areas, where natives and other non-Muslims will face severe consequences for entering zones claimed in the name of Islam.

“The racist graffiti which appeared in Alum Rock in Birmingham has been condemned by locals,” Metro – a U.K. daily – reported. ”Racist graffiti has emerged on a wall in Birmingham that suggests white people aren’t welcome to the area.”

The message makes it clear that Anglo Europeans are not welcomed, but an attempt was made to mask the extreme racism and religious intolerance of Muslims in the area.

“The writing says ‘no whites allowed after 8am’ and it appeared in the inner-city neighborhood of Alum Rock,” the Metro’s Richard Hartley-Parkinson informed. “It appeared on August 13, and attempts have been made to cover the word ‘whites’, but it was still partially visible yesterday.”

Only getting worse …

Because the mainstream media refuses to shine anything having to do with Islam in a negative light, Kassam has made it his mission to expose the dire threat that many newly relocated Muslim communities pose to the Western world.

“What Kassam found in every one of his destinations was poverty, crime and extreme ghettoization – often not far from a posh area of the city,” WND noted.

The negative effect of Islamic communities popping up throughout Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and North America is taboo to most journalists.

“A commonly heard trope from the Left, especially on the issue of climate change, is that ‘the science is settled,” and despite the science being settled on the question of whether No Go Zones exist, there is still a reluctance – born perhaps out of an unholy alliance of misplaced ‘tolerance,’ philosophical vacuousness, and perceived electoral advantages – to tackle the issue head on,” “Kasam explained in his book, No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

He noted that anything negative mentioned regarding Muslim immigration, refugees and their resettlement is labeled as hate by the Left – a so-called “intolerance” that must be severely dealt with … and ultimately eradicated

“No Go Zones are, in effect, a microcosm of the debate surrounding Muslim immigration and Islam – areas where few people will dare to venture,” Kassam continued in his book. “The pioneers of the subject matter in the late 20th and early 21st centuries have all ended up either dead, with prison sentences, with times for thought crimes, or had their lives reduced to skulking around public areas with their hats pulled low and their fazes averted.”


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