The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed through its research that immigrants entering the U.S. by crossing the border illegally can escape immediate deportation 88 percent of the time if they claim to have experienced “credible fear” in their native country – thanks to former President Barack Obama.

The green light for illegal aliens became rife during the eight years of the previous pro-immigration administration, as Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS)made it a habit of writing out permission slips for illegal immigrants to continue breaking the law.

“After former President Obama’s administration acted as a rubber stamp for asylum-seekers looking to permanently stay in the U.S., the number of credible fear cases increased [by 89,000 from his first year in office to his last full year],” Breitbart News reported from the DOJ’s analysis.

Ushering in illegals

In fact, in a speech given last October by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions last October, the head of the DOJ stressed that the number of cases involving immigrants making such claims as an excuse for illegally breaking into the U.S. increased exponentially during Obama’s two terms in office.

“Here are the shocking statistics: in 2009, DHS conducted more than 5,000 credible fear reviews,” Sessions divulged in his speech. “By 2016, that number had increased to 94,000. The number of these aliens placed in removal proceedings went from fewer than 4,000 in 2009 to more than 73,000 by 2016 – nearly a 19-fold increase – overwhelming the system and leaving those with just claims buried.”

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And the statistics get even worse at the border, where cases of such abuse of Obama’s progressive immigration reform resulted in an increase 23 times higher in his last full year behind his desk at the Oval Office when compared to his first year.

“The increase has been especially pronounced and abused at the border,” Sessions added. “From 2009 to 2016, the credible fear claims at the border went from approximately 3,000 cases to more than 69,000. All told, the Executive Office for Immigration Review has over 600,000 cases pending – tripled from 2009.”

Sessions credited Obama with the influx of illegal immigration into the U.S. over the past decade, as intentional loopholes were devised to ensure that nearly nine out of 10 outlaw border-crossers could remain in the country – with many draining the economy by reaping benefits at taxpayers’ expense.

“[I]n 2009, the previous Administration began to allow most aliens who passed an initial credible fear review to be released from custody into the United States pending a full hearing,” Sessions explained. “These changes – and case law that has expanded the concept of asylum well beyond Congressional intent – created even more incentives for illegal aliens to come here and claim a fear of return, [and] the consequences are just what you’d expect – claims of fear to return have skyrocketed, and the percentage of claims that are genuinely meritorious are down.”

The head of the DOJ was quick to blame the Obama administration for its problematic handling of illegal immigration, which essentially gives illegals a free ticket to continue breaking the law … indefinitely – if not apprehended again.

“The system is being abused to the detriment of the rule of law, sound public policy, public safety, and of just claims,” Sessions continued. “This, of course, undermines the system and frustrates officers who work to make dangerous arrests in remote areas. Saying a few simple words is now transforming a straightforward arrest and immediate return into a probable release and a hearing – if the alien shows for the hearing.”

Moving forward or backward?

The new figures come at a time when hundreds of aspiring illegal border-crossers – 80 percent traversing Mexico from Honduras – are showing up just south of the U.S.-Mexico border in hopes of taking advantage of the Obama era’s lax immigration policies to stay in America indefinitely.

“The issue of the country’s loose asylum laws – where foreign nationals can claim that they are fearing for their lives in their native country and be released into the U.S. until their day in court – has sparked debate, as a caravan of 1,500 Central American asylum-seekers are headed for the southern border,” Binders noted.

This group of illegals is pushing north under the assumption that they will be allowed to break the law and enter the U.S., due to its lenient policy on illegal immigration.

“There is nothing [indicated in reports] about the caravan that suggests that any of those aliens has a visa to enter the United States,” the Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew R. Arthur emphasized. “In fact, it doesn’t appear that any of them had a visa to enter Mexico, either. Given these facts, when they arrive at the United States border, they will take one, or both, of two separate actions: entering the United States illegally across the border, or presenting themselves at a port of entry.”

Arthur pointed out the major weakness that was implanted in the removal process of illegal aliens – one that was intentionally placed and implemented by the Obama administration in order to keep their deportations from being expedited.

His colleague at CIS explained how the caravan of illegals currently to the U.S.’s southern border is being trained to take advantage of the Obama-era loophole.

“According to the director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, from April 5 to April 9, a series of workshops will be hosted in Puebla, Mexico, by U.S. and Mexican lawyers [for the persons in the caravan],” CIS’s Kausha Luna divulged. “The workshops will provide legal guidance on the issue of asylum or refuge in Mexico and [the] United States.”

Most are expected to attempt entry into the U.S. soon.

“It remains to be seen how many of those OTMs [immigrants other than from Mexico] will apply for asylum in Mexico. [but] it is likely, however, that the vast majority will make their way to the United States to make their claims in this country,” Luna noted before offering a solution. “To correct this flaw in the ‘credible fear’ process, the attorney general or the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) could mandate the denial of asylum, in the exercise of discretion (and absent other, significant discretionary factors), to an OTM who fails to apply for asylum in a safe third country.”

Even though President Donald Trump and his administration have vowed to be tough on immigration, their hands could still be tied by the leftist immigration reform policies devised under the Obama administration.

“It is questionable, however, whether the courts of appeals would sustain such a standard,” Luna concluded. “Instead, DOS [the State Department] should attempt to negotiate a safe-third country agreement with Mexico. If such an agreement cannot be reached, Congress may need to act to plug this loophole.”


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