On this day in 1776, individuals with a shared vision for unprecedented freedom established a country by declaring independence from the British monarchy.

Since that day, people from every walk of life have migrated here. Immigrants and those born on this soil have spent 244 years fighting for the concept “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

To uphold these values, as prescribed in the Declaration of Independence, our nation establishes governments that derive power from the consent of the governed.

Successful and ongoing pursuits of these principles ended slavery, which remains a scourge throughout much of the world. These principles have helped the United States feed humanity in impoverished foreign lands.

Our system has created wealth sufficient to increase the worldwide standard of living and reduce global poverty, starvation and persecution.

We continue passing laws, interpreting laws, and striking down laws in pursuit of enhancing justice and opportunity for all who call this country home.

Just this week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the interest of giving poor families access to schools afforded only by the wealthy. That ruling came on the heels of one forbidding employer discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

The union is a constantly improving work-in-progress with the goal of making life better for all.

We are a beacon of light for the world because of the stand our founders took on this day in 1776.

Good and evil have always and will forever battle each other. As such, evil forces today aim to destroy what the founders created.

Ignorant, mostly white and privileged left-wing activists are destroying minority communities throughout the country — even urging politicians to deprive them of law enforcement. They hope to destroy this country as we know it and replace law, order, and justice with might-makes-right anarchy. They have the audacity to wage this battle under the guise of promoting social justice.

The country’s flagship media organization, The New York Times, encourages anti-American radicalism.

The corporation, which infamously tried to cover up and downplay the Holocaust, insists the country was not founded in 1776. Rather, the Times argues in a series devised to cultivate division, our country began in 1619.

African slave traders sold fellow Africans into slavery in Virginia that year and beyond, initiating a practice of colonial slavery so barbaric and unjust our country would fight a four-year civil war to stop it.

By pretending we began in 1619, the media giant tells radicals this country is wicked, illegitimate and in need of a revolution.

It sends the false message our republic took more than two centuries to eliminate slavery. The propaganda infects society far beyond the newspaper’s subscriber base. Teachers use the “1619 Project” in K-12 classrooms, turning children against their country.

Despite false claims of the Times, North American slavery did not begin with colonizers. African slavery on this continent dates back to the 1400s. Native Americans used slaves long before the establishment of British colonies.

Regardless, the United States started anew on this day we celebrate. The founders declared “independence” and began pursuing their pie-in-the-sky vision of liberty and justice for all on a nonindustrialized planet largely dependent on slavery. They visualized freedom on a scale the world had never achieved.

The United States is not the British colonies of the 1600s. It is not the slave-owning pre-colonized Atlantic World or the old Confederate South, which tried undoing what the founders envisioned.

Regardless of fake news fantasies, this country began on this day 244 years ago and has fought to improve every day since.

We have struggled through good times and bad. We have moved forward, celebrating victories and suffering setbacks. We have become the envy of the world — the place people of all races, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities and creeds want to live.

Love this country and fight for it. We didn’t let King George III hold us down, and we didn’t let racist confederates rip us apart. Let’s not allow anti-American radical leftists to burden minorities and redefine who and what we are.

This country is great, and the best lies ahead. We hope you had a Happy Independence Day.

The Gazette Editorial Board


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