An ABC reporter is acknowledging, after four years of the Trump presidency, there is a problem with the mainstream media acting like resistance fighters taking on the Nazi regime.

In an interview with Mediaite, the liberal media watchdog, ABC News veteran Jonathan Karl was challenged about his recent book, Front Row at the Trump Show, which criticized CNN reporter Jim Acosta for “giving speeches” from the White House instead of reporting the news.

Karl and Acosta are both well-recognized names within the White House press corps, the small club of Trump-hating reporters who constantly help President Trump and his “fake news” accusations.

Karl told Mediatite that Trump deserves to be challenged with “aggressive questioning” but said the country is unhappy with the media’s posturing.

“Unfortunately, there is a big chunk of the country that believes the press is now the resistance and that’s really unfortunate,” Karl told the liberal website. “And I think that it has negative consequences for a free press. I think it has negative consequences for our democracy.”

The national media is traditionally loathed by the U.S. president and the White House, but President Trump has gone much farther than any predecessor by openly mocking and arguing with reporters with cameras rolling.

“You are a rude, terrible person,” Trump when the CNN reporter insisted the caravan of migrants was not an “invasion” of the U.S. as Trump had described it.

“It’s a group of migrants moving up,” Acosta told Trump, “from Central America toward the border with the U.S.”

“Thank you for telling me that. I appreciate it,” Trump retorted.

File Photo – CNN’s Jim Acosta sulks in White House briefing room. – (AP Photo – Susan Walsh)

Trump went on to explain that “invasion” is his own personal view of the migrants who were approaching the U.S., which differed from Acosta’s view, he said, but the CNN reporter kept pushing the issue. He then refused to give up the microphone and began asking a second unrelated question, which visibily angered Trump.

The national media, from The Washington Post to The New York Times, have declared the Trump presidency illegitimate after almost four years of “Russian collusion” accusations that, over time, actually pointed to a backroom coup against the President by Washington, D.C. bureaucrats who really did view their efforts as resistance fighters.

“I am part of the Trump resistance inside the White House,” an anonymous staffer declared in a 2018 op-ed The New York times happily published.

One year later, a newsroom meeting was called at liberal The New York Times after staff revolted over an anti-Trump headline that was declared to be too nice and even-handed, and hence it was changed to satisfy angry staff and unhappy readers, and led to the meeting to discuss it.

“They sometimes want us to pretend that he was not elected president but he was elected president,” executive editor Dean Baquet, in leaked audio, said of NYT readers. “And our job is to figure out why, and how, and to hold the administration to account. If you’re independent, that’s what you do.”

In the same meeting, Baquet observed that readers and staff “cheer us when we take on Donald Trump but they jeer us when we take on Joe Biden.”

Regarding the criticism from Jonathan Karl, Tim Graham of Media Research Center says Karl was known for asking “fairly firm” questions to the press secretaries who represented Barack Obama.

“And ABC would bury those,” Graham recalls. “So if he asks a tough question of Trump, they don’t bury those.”

Regarding the ABC News reporter complaining about the “resistance” label, Graham has little pity.

“Yeah, you don’t want to be seen as the resistance,” he responds, “but you act that way and want to be seen as objective.”


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