Citing a hearing scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving, a Pennsylvania judge has ordered the state to halt the certification of the Nov. 3 General Election.

Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the action Wednesday morning in a ruling that marked a rare legal win for the Trump campaign and its allies in key battleground states where electoral votes appear to be moving away from President Trump.

A similar ruling in Nevada, which also came Wednesday, set up a Dec. 3 hearing to allow the state GOP to present evidence of voter fraud in that state.

Trump calls in to vote fraud hearing

The lawsuit in front of Judge McCullough was filed by eight plaintiffs who are suing the state over its vote-by-mail law, Act 77, which was signed into law by Gov. Wolf late last year, The Epoch times reported.

The plaintiffs include U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, GOP congressional candidate Sean Parnell, and Wanda Logan, who was a GOP candidate for a state House seat.

The judge’s ruling in Pennsylvania that halts the certification, which can be viewed here, comes after a federal judge tossed a Trump campaign lawsuit last week.

The state judge’s ruling comes on the same day Pennsylvania’s GOP legislators are holding a public hearing to hear accusations of voter fraud, including a claim that a “spike” of votes added at least 600,000 votes for Biden and approximately 3,200 for Trump.

President Trump, speaking at the hearing by phone, said Democrats cheated because they “stepped on the gas and they got caught.”

Democrats have dismissed GOP claims of voter fraud claiming there is no evidence or, alternately, the evidence is not widespread or, lastly, that such evidence would not change the outcome of the presidential election.

Republicans, however, have questioned how Biden won a historic number of presidential votes, nearly 80 million, and enjoyed record turnout that beat his former boss, Barack Obama, by approximately 10 million votes.

President Trump, meanwhile, has reached the highest number of ballots cast for a losing candidate.

Back in Pennsylvania, Gov. Wolf announced Tuesday the Dept. of State had certified the vote count that shows Joe Biden won the state with 3.46 million votes and 3.38 million for Trump.

The plaintiffs filed an emergency brief after the certification, pointing out to the court that the state certified its election Dec. 12 in 2016, Epoch reported.

National media declared the official certification by Pennsylavania put Biden on an all-but-certain path to the White House but the judge’s order, and the Nov. 26 hearing, gave hope to Trump supporters that the legal door remains open.

GOP: We have evidence of vote fraud

In the Nevada ruling, The Washington Examiner reported in a breaking story that GOP leaders are eager to present evidence of voter fraud in the state, including from Democrat-run Clark County where Biden beat Trump by 91,000 votes.

GOP official Matt Schlapp called Clark County a “treasure trove” of illegal ballots in a Tuesday interview on Fox News.

“Americans will now hear evidence from those who saw firsthand what happened- a critical step for transparency and remedying illegal ballots,” Mark Meadows, President Trump’s chief of staff, stated in a tweet.

The judge is allowing 15 depositions from the GOP, the Examiner reported.

GOP officials have voiced concerned over dead voters casting ballots, voting by nonresidents, and mail-in ballots that were not verified by election officials as required by state law, the newspaper said.


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