New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu committed a gaffe this week. He told the truth.

As Michael Kinsley once pointed out, “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth — some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.”

In a speech and later radio interview, Sununu pointed out what everyone knows, that “there’s no doubt” illegal immigrants are fueling the drug trade that is ravaging the nation, and that they hide out in “sanctuary cities” like, say, Lawrence.

“So you have undocumented drug dealers that are dealing these drugs,” Sununu said. “They are getting arrested, they are being given bail by judges … they’re jumping bail, getting a new ID and they’re back in that same home, dealing drugs a week later. It’s an absolutely crazy system.”

Shocking! How dare Sununu speak … the truth?

Last year, it was Gov. Paul Le­Page of Maine committing an even more egregious gaffe. He complained about black and Hispanic drug dealers named “D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty” selling heroin in Maine and then driving back down I-95 to Connecticut.

Shocking! How dare LePage speak … the truth?

A couple of weeks ago, even the uber-PC Hartford Courant had to report on the aftermath of LePage’s appalling gaffe. The headline: “A Drug Dealer Behind Angry Criticism From Maine’s Governor Pleads Guilty.”

Among other things, the perp had been peddling crack in ­Bangor. The only thing LePage got wrong was the thug’s nicknames. He goes by the monikers of “Capo,” “Bapo” and “Pancho.”

Last week, after his bout with the truth, Sununu had to backtrack, up to a point anyway. The irony is that on the same day he committed his gaffe, Sununu’s point was proven yet again.

Down in Rhode Island, a convicted illegal immigrant drug dealer walked away from a work detail. He has five aliases but his real name is apparently Rony Alberto Martinez Pereyra.

The Rhode Island State Police sent out a bulletin including his prison mugshot and his driver’s license photos from both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Say, do you suppose he has two driver’s licenses because that enables him to collect EBT cards and every other kind of welfare under two different (fake) names?

Nah, no way. These gangbangers are all valedictorians. Selling heroin to our kids is an act of love. Just ask Jeb Bush.

By the way, should you encounter Pereyra, consider him armed and dangerous “due to a previous offense of Use of a Firearm while Committing a Crime of Violence.”

Just another Dreamer. I’m sure if we passed some of the Obama-Clinton-Healey “common sense” gun laws, Pereyra would purchase all of his firearms legally. Right?

Sununu and LePage may make the occasional gaffe, but our governor, Tall Deval, will never ever make the mistake of uttering the truth about illegal immigrant drug dealers. He places all the blame for the opioid crisis on U.S. citizens, namely Dr. Feelgood, for prescribing them to patients like your 80-year-old grandmother.

So now, instead of getting 24 Vicodins after surgery, Granny has to get three prescriptions for eight pills, each time having to come up with the copay. Thanks, Tall Deval! You’ve put a real dent in the epidemic. By the way, it should be noted that as Obama was fundamentally transforming the U.S. into an all-expenses-paid vacation spa for illegal immigrant drug dealers, and when Hillary was presumed to be his successor, Rony was serving his time at ACI Cranston placidly.

He knew that as long as a Democrat was in the White House, once he was released, he would be chauffeured directly to the welfare offices in both states.

The only question was, would he be driven in a stretch limousine or a Town Car?

But once Donald J. Trump was inaugurated, Rony apparently realized that his free ride as an illegal immigrant career criminal might be coming to an end. He took it on the lam.

“It is believed,” the Rhode Island State Police reported, “that Pereyra escaped from custody because he will face deportation by the federal government at the conclusion of his prison sentence.”

Is there anything Donald Trump can’t do?

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