As Barack Obama travels the country in a last ditch effort to save his party from total collapse, he seems to have only one strategy: bash the Republicans. Everywhere he goes, he tells audiences how bad the Republicans were and how bad things will be if Republicans are elected. There’s only one problem. People aren’t buying what he is selling. In fact, there is a new “bad word” in politics… one that many are trying to avoid. And that word is Democrat.

Here’s a sample of what Obama is saying out on the stump:

But it seems that the last thing anyone wants to be called, especially those running for reelection is a Democrat. Democrats took over Congress in 2006. They took the White House in 2008. And guess what? Since 2006, the economy has gone to hell. And the best Obama can do is continue the “blame Bush” strategy?

A new Gallup Poll shows that Democrats have gone into hiding when it comes to who will likely vote in November. Perhaps they know just how bad their leaders are. In 2010, 54% of poll respondents consider themselves to be conservative. Only 18% consider themselves to be liberal. When it comes to party affiliation, 57% of likely voters consider themselves to be Republican or Republican leaning. Only 39% consider themselves to be Democrat or Democrat leaning.

A Rasmussen Reports poll notes that “for the second month in a row, the number of Americans who identify themselves as Democrats has fallen to a record low. I guess when asked if you are part of the party of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, the only sounds the pollster hears are crickets.

Here’s more Obama from a speech in Philadelphia:

The funny thing is that NOTHING was blocked since Obama became president. With the majorities in the House and Senate, he was able to pass exactly what he wanted to pass. And so the American people have gotten a dose of what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are all about. When November comes around, these people will be held accountable. They ran the show… they had control. And look what we have now. Obama can blame and blame and blame, but the American people are smarter than that.


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