The majority rules… right? Isn’t that one of the basic foundations of our republic? Remember in grade school? The teacher would ask the kids what story they’d like to read, and the class would vote. Those with the most votes had their story read. Well… that’s how things used to work. Not any more. Now, one person can have the Pledge of Allegiance removed from an entire class that wants it. One person can have a Christian display removed from a public area when the vast majority of the people want it to stay. It’s completely crazy, and now we see the pressure of the minority taking aim at Major League Baseball.

The residents of Arizona have taken a stand against illegal immigration. They realized the federal government was not doing its job, so the legislature created a law that would help crack down on the problem. The vast majority of Arizona residents and the people of America support this effort. Yet, you see liberal local governments and left wing groups protest the action in order to make a statement even though Arizona residents want the law.

Now a group is focusing its energy on the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. Arizona is scheduled to host the 2011 All-Star Game, and a group led by Roberto Lovato wants the game moved because of Arizona’s immigration law. As noted in a story on, “Lovato, whose group launched the website, said activists were kicked out by security when they tried to deliver 110,000 petitions to Selig at the Anaheim Marriott on Monday.”

“Major League Baseball didn’t even want to send a representative to talk to us,” Lovato said. But he said his organizers would be outside Tuesday night’s game “in force,” protesting and handing out literature.

“Why expose Major League baseball fans to being possibly racially profiled?” he said.

The possibility of being profiled? Does this man know what the Arizona law even states? No, but that doesn’t stop him and his group from making noise and putting pressure on Major League Baseball to make a change.

We also see how the majority is getting ignored when it comes to the lawsuit that the Obama administration filed against Arizona’s law. A new Gallup Poll shows that Americans oppose Obama’s lawsuit by a margin of 50% to 33%. Only Democrats in the survey favored the lawsuit. Independents were opposed by over 2-1 (56% to 27%). And yet Obama’s team keeps on going.

In the health care debate, by the time the Congress was ready to vote, not a single poll or survey in America showed support for the bill. Most polls showed a majority of Americans in opposition to Obama’s plan. Yet the Democrats steam-rolled it through. I guess their majority is the only one that matters.

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