The far left’s war on energy does not stop with battery car mandates and the closure of coal-fired power plants. The movement also despises clean-burning natural gas. Radical activists oppose using it for any purpose, even for cremation after we die.

They want everything to run on electricity stored in massive batteries — products that increase demand for child labor in cobalt mines abroad and impose an assortment of environmental problems in foreign lands.

Toward achieving their costly and harmful vision, anti-energy activists from across the United States met last summer in New York to plot a new attack on American homes, workplaces and kitchens. Attendees included representatives from the Energy Foundation, the World Research Institute and the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Institute. Others, as discovered in emails obtained by, included state government officials from what Democrats call the 12 “trifecta” states — those, including Colorado, in which the Democratic Party controls the governor’s office and both legislative chambers.

As reported by WesternWire, the event included a panel discussion on July 18 called “Natural Gas Lock-In.” The “lock-in” agenda, to keep natural gas locked in the ground, includes passing laws in all states to forbid permits for natural gas hookups to new homes and buildings. This would prevent consumers from using gas-powered washers, dryers, furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters and stoves. All, say the activists, should run on electrons.

No one who likes cooking and heating with natural gas should write this off as a dystopian nightmare that will never come to pass. Activists are getting their way. In July, Berkeley, Calif., prohibited natural gas hookups to new buildings. In Colorado, Boulder city officials have considered proposing a new natural gas tax to make the abundant, affordable fuel more cost-prohibitive. Seattle considered a ban on natural gas hookups. Expect these efforts to quietly grow and spread as average consumers are distracted by working, paying taxes and providing for families.

Taking the extreme to a further extreme, we see radical environmentalists — including those elected to public office in Colorado — worried about the cremation of human remains. Long considered an eco-friendly option for managing a corpse, the process requires natural gas.

Enter State Rep. Brianna Tritone, D-Arvada, to save us from the urn of ashes. She prefers dirt. Tritone and State Sen. Robert Rodriguez, D-Denver, want a bill in the upcoming legislative session to allow the composting of human bodies.

The process involves placing cadavers in containers with alfalfa, straw, wood chips or other organic materials and allowing them to decompose into “soil” for survivors to take home and sprinkle on lawns, gardens, forests or meadows. Each body on average would leave enough compost to fill two wheelbarrows.

They want human compost as an option, for now. Don’t be surprised if they go for a mandate.

The left’s war on energy has moved far beyond reasonable, rational, well-intended and welcome efforts to take good care of the planet and minimize humanity’s footprint. Extremists exercise environmental activism as a modern form of religious proselytizing. Nudging their way into kitchens and funeral parlors, their zealous attempt to impose values and beliefs has no apparent boundaries.

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