Here’s a story that one might find hard to believe. It shows what a Canadian father went through simply because his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun in school. From the teacher, to the principal, to the police officers… everyone threw common sense out the window as the nanny state rolled into high gear. Rights? Due Process? Forget it!

So here’s what happened as reported by The Toronto Sun. Jessie Sansone is a 26-year-old father of four. He showed up to pick up his kids from school, just like he always does. But this time, he was in for a shock. It turned out that the police were waiting for him, because earlier in the day, his 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun.

When the teacher saw the picture, she asked the girl about it. The girl said it was a picture of her daddy getting the “bad guys and monsters.”

From there, the teacher contacted the principal who contacted the police. Mr. Sansone was arrested, taken to police headquarters, and strip searched. His home was also searched.

And so they found a gun… a toy gun that shoots foam darts. Can you imagine the trauma this man — and the entire family — went through?

How can common sense break down this dramatically? The little girl drew the picture as if her father were a hero… getting bad guys and monsters. This is a cause for alarm?

Yes, this happened in Canada, but raise your hand if you could see it happening here? Canada certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid people or big-brother officials running amok.

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