Yet another Christian business owner has run afoul of another so-called human rights commission.

Timber Creek bed-and-breakfast owner Jim Walder is facing $80,000 in fines and fees after he stated in 2011 he would not allow a civil union ceremony on his property.

The inquiry was made by homosexual Todd Wathen after the state legislature approved same-sex unions, and just days after that phone call Wathen filed a discrimination complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says a three-member panel of the 13-member commission has upheld an administrative judge’s ruling against the business owner. At least two of those three members deserve scrutiny, she warns, because they include well-known homosexual activists Terry Cosgrove and Duke Alden. The third member is Patricia Bakalis Yadgir, a longtime Democrat.

“The fix was in from the get-go,” Walder complained to media after the decision.

Higgins tells OneNewsNow state law forbids more than seven people from one political party from serving on the full commission, and Cosgrove and Alden are conveniently listed as “Independents” despite their obvious bias against Walder.

The next step for the business owner, says Higgins, is to appeal to the entire 13-member commission or appeal to a court.


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