General Mark Milley has lately been “distinguishing” himself in this country as one who will “forever live in infamy.” That is of course if he and his cohorts haven’t permanently destroyed the America we all knew and loved. And if his treachery isn’t fully uncovered and prosecuted, that is a distinct possibility.

It is necessary to consider how Milley’s criminal behavior ties into all of the leftist/Democrat sedition of recent years. Only when one assesses the “big picture” of international intrigue and jockeying for power, can the extent of Milley’s treachery of January 2021 be fully grasped. Milley and the Democrats did not merely undermine a sitting President with their outreach to China. They openly collaborated with an avowed enemy of America, and in so doing brought great harm to America’s strategic standing against the Chinese aggressor.

The world is such a different place from what it was only a year ago. By the latter part of his first term, President Trump had repaired an enormous amount of the damage done to the American manufacturing base at the hands of the Chinese, with the cooperation of leftist globalists, and their RINO lackeys. Yet by 2020, crooked monetary and trade practices that for a long time had totally hamstrung American businesses to the benefit of China were finally being confronted and turned back.

Leftists had begun by denigrating the effort with their hysterical warnings of “trade wars.” Obama had mocked the notion of manufacturing returning to our nation as something President Trump might attempt with a “magic wand.” Yet Trump was unfazed, and despite all the backlash from China, dutifully echoed by leftist Fake News, he stayed the course. Eventually China blinked, with the benefits quickly manifested on the American economy. Had it not been for the whole Covid “pandemic” scam (a bio onslaught that itself emanated from China), America’s economy would surely have remained at the pinnacle of world markets.

In the face of an American President who intended to stand his ground and put the interests of the American people at the forefront, China joined with leftist Democrats, mustering all of their forces to thwart any prospect of his re-election. Initially, it was assumed that China’s anti-Trump rhetoric would be the extent of its efforts to meddle where it didn’t belong. But in the wake of the 2020 election theft/coup, it became apparent that China had engaged in full-fledged interference by hacking the electoral tabulation process.

This effort was nothing less than a hostile enemy action against America. Of course it was aided and abetted from within, by the leftist Democrats with all of their rampant vote fraud, “mail in” balloting scams, and other chicanery last November. With each passing day, further evidence of election tampering surfaces, often including cyber attacks directly from China. Of course neither the leftist Democrats nor their fully corrupted Department of “Justice” and FBI have any intention of unmasking the attack, since their entire power structure benefits directly from it.

Nevertheless, a series of acts of war were perpetrated against America, and the response from Milley was to assure the enemy that he would refuse any possible order by President Trump to confront those assaults on our Nation. Milley’s latest deflection is to claim that such behavior, effectively pulling the rug out from a sitting President in his role as Commander in Chief, was “routine.” But given the instability of our nation, as the leftist Democrat coup was being brought to its climax, China could easily have interpreted Milley’s seditious communication to them as an invitation to attack. Only General Benedict Arnold has ever engaged in such a heinous sellout of our Nation on this massive of a scale.

Since January, America has indeed suffered the ravages of the leftist cabal that wormed its way into power at the White House. American energy independence has been deliberately trashed, with gas prices skyrocketing as supplies lag the needs of the nation. This was ostensibly done in a bogus effort to reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions. Yet the response of the Biden Cabal has been to snivel and beg foreign oil producers to increase their supplies. Is anyone, other than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, so willingly myopic as to believe foreign oil will somehow positively affect the earth’s climate as opposed to domestic oil? The only real impact of this lunacy was to harm the American economy, and Americans in the oil business. And that was entirely deliberate.

Meanwhile, the horrific events in Afghanistan play perfectly into this scenario as well. Now that the islamist Taliban have completely overtaken that nation, their first order of business (along with slaughtering innocent Christians by the thousands) has been to form a pact with China, whereby their abundant supply of lithium and other minerals can reap huge benefits to both nations, potentially reaching into the trillions of dollars. They would gain such enormous leverage at the expense of the West of course.

It is guaranteed that, if any hearings into Milley’s behavior are conducted, he will be treated with deference and a presumption of innocence and even “patriotism” for his vile actions. Washington under Democrat control works that way. And too few Republicans possess the spine to face leftist Democrat backlash, were they to dare to open the can of worms represented by all of this. But regardless of how hard the D.C. swamp attempts to recast this treacherous chain of events, the truth will not remain permanently disguised and suppressed. It will echo forever as one of the darkest and most heinous crimes ever perpetrated against the people of the United States.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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