Here’s the reality behind today’s phony Electoral College drama.

No matter what happens, Donald J. Trump wins.

If the presidential electors follow the Founding Fathers’ constitutional mandate, Trump wins.

If electors go rogue and deny Trump, he still wins. And the only losers will be Trump’s opponents.

The doomsday scenario of a small group of electors reversing Trump’s legitimate election will not only deepen the partisan divide plaguing the nation, it will make Trump a martyr and a prophet.

He was right. The election really is fixed.

You think Trump’s supporters were angry before? Just wait to see what happens if the electors cast votes for John Kasich or Mitt Romney or Mickey Mouse instead of Trump.

And it won’t put a Democrat in the White House. All it gets Trump deniers is a vote in the U.S. House. Which is controlled by Republicans. They will give the election to the actual winner: Donald Trump.

Democrats — and let’s face it, they are orchestrating the electoral revolt — will go down in history as the first party to invalidate a legitimate U.S. presidential election. Because they can’t accept that their opponent won.

Remember all the indignation over Trump’s quip that he’d “keep you in suspense” over whether he would accept the election results? Hillary Clinton called the remark “horrifying.” President Obama said it was “dangerous.” You’d think he just set fire to the Constitution, then stomped on the ashes.

Now it’s the Democrats who won’t accept the vote. But you don’t hear too much indignation from pundits and President Obama over the party’s blatant hypocrisy. Wonder why.

Trump’s critics need to move on. Hillary’s not walking through that Oval Office door. Mitt’s not walking through that door. John Kasich definitely isn’t walking through that door.

And Trump’s not going back to “The Apprentice.” In fact, if presidential electors pull a stunt today, it pretty much ensures Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Here’s a crazy thought.

Forget about the Electoral College. If they want to change that, do it legitimately by a vote of Congress.

Stop obsessing about evil Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader may have tried to influence the election by hacking emails and planting phony news, but he didn’t cast a vote. The American people did that.

There’s no evidence Russia tampered with the vote. At the most, Putin is guilty of disseminating propaganda, executing dirty tricks and leaking some very effective opposition research.

In other words, the kind of stuff candidates here in the U.S have done for years.

Democrats should be focusing on winning back the White House. This time with a forward-looking message that resonates with voters. And some new candidates who can deliver the message.

But that would be too easy. Better to blame it all on the Electoral College. That’s a winning strategy.


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