The American Family Association says Target officials can’t claim ignorance in the wake of a recent “peeping Tom” incident at one of their stories.

Police are looking for a sexual predator who walked into a Target dressing room in Revere, Massachusetts, on Sunday and spied on a young woman changing. The local Fox 25 TV station reported on the crime.

“He was caught in a unisex changing room at Target peeking into the next stall where a woman was changing,” says the report. “Other shoppers who take their kids here often are disgusted, saying it’s unsettling to know this guy is still out there.”

Police describe the man as middle-aged with brown hair. Security cameras show him leaving the parking lot in a red, four-door Toyota Prius.

AFA‘s Walker Wildmon says Target was warned this might happen due to its much-publicized policy of allowing men into women’s restrooms and changing rooms.

“With Target boasting this policy, that’s where sexual predators are going to go,” he tells OneNewsNow.

He says Target cannot claim ignorance in this matter. Walker and his father, AFA president Tim Wildmon, met with company executives in Minneapolis in May and warned them about this likelihood.

“They were friendly and receptive, but they did not agree with us that their policy was dangerous,” the younger Wildmon adds.

AFA public policy analyst Abraham Hamilton III got essentially the same reaction earlier this month when he confronted Target executives about the policy at an annual shareholders’ meeting in Costa Mesa, California.

Wildmon says it appears even their customers’ disgust and fear aren’t enough to get Target to change what AFA considers a misguided and dangerous policy.

The pro-family group is offering a boycott pledge to those who are concerned about the policy. The Wildmons delivered the first million boycott signatures to Target executives last month at corporate headquarters.

Editor’s Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates

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