Now that frustrated Muslim-American parents are demanding public schools stop indoctrinating their children with sexually explicit materials, Christian conservatives are watching a new alliance form and the Far Left is witnessing what happens when its sexually deviant movement has gone too far among traditional Democrat voters.

The Michigan city of Dearborn is home to an estimated 50,000 Arab-Americans in the small city of 100,000. In that community, for weeks and weeks now, thousands of Muslims have attended public rallies and filled school board meetings to demand the removal of sexually deviant books. One book that has become Enemy No. 1 is “This Book is Gay,” which literally teaches how sex apps work to find anonymous partners. The same book also teaches the “ins and outs of gay sex,” and the art work is too graphic to publish for this story.

“We as parents, who are raising our children, are responsible for our children,” a Muslim father told a cheering crowd at a recent public rally. “Our schools will not indoctrinate our children.”

At a recent school board meeting, during public speaking time, a Muslim man told school board members the audience if filled with “courageous people” who will not give up until the issue is resolved.

“And unfortunately,” he said to wild applause, “it’s not gonna get resolved until you guys are removed from the board.”

“Man,” senior editor Rod Dreher writes at The American Conservative, “whatever is going on in Dearborn, Michigan, needs to be going on all over America.”

The uprising by the Dearborn parents, he writes, is following a similar pattern that happened last year in the United Kingdom, where liberals there witnessed Muslims speak out against homosexual activism in the classrooms.

“This is what happens,” Dreher writes, “when you care more about your kids than about middle-class respectability.”

‘Christian nationalists’ in Dearborn?

Reacting to the parental pushback in Dearborn, veteran political activist Bob Vander Plaats tells AFN the Far Left is dismayed by what is happening. That is because it’s easy for the Left to dismiss Christian conservatives as “Christian nationalists,” he says, but now a demographic that traditionally supports Democrats has awoken from the wokeness.

Wayne County, which is home to Dearborn as well as Detroit, voted 68% for Joe Biden in 2020. The area is also home to the 13th Congressional District, which is currently represented by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the controversial Muslim-American woman.

In another recent rant before the school board, Tlaib’s name came up and not in a good way. A second Muslim father said the community is not objecting to “the gay people,” but parents are objecting, he said, because there are library books that don’t belong in the hands of young children.

In his remaining seconds, the father then veered the hot-button issue to the liberal congresswoman by name.

“The only person behind this,” the parent concludes, “is Rashida Tlaib. Do not vote for Rashida Tlaib.”

Tlaib, in fact, has a “100%” score with the Human Rights Campaign, the homosexual-rights lobbying group, according to the group’s website.

Muslims are the new ‘Hitler’

Vander Plaats and his Family Leader organization have been fighting liberals for two decades, which means he has carried the “hate group” label and similar accusations from the Left since that time. Looking ahead, what will happen to the vocal parents in Dearborn, he predicts, is they will be vilified and called names by liberals who want to stamp out any opposition to their wicked agenda.

“That goes back to the art of political warfare,” Vander Plaats tells AFN, “and how do you advance your agenda.”

Dearborn’s Muslims recently witnessed an example of that: During the public speaking time, a liberal woman not only defended the library books but accused her opponents of banning books and forcing their views on others.

“This is what Hitler did,” the woman said, “and we all know how that turned out.”

During that comment, the crowd of Muslim parents and Democrat voters experienced the same accusation and twisted logic Republicans and conservatives have heard, and keep hearing, from the Left.

Asked to comment on the Dearborn protests, Ed Vitagliano of the American Family Association says not only is the “pernicious indoctrination” in schools bringing together Christians and Muslims, he predicts conservatives and liberals are objecting, too.

“Everyone cares about their children,” he says, “and very few parents want kids taught far-left ideology.”

“I think you’re going to see more and more people of faith, whether it be the Christian faith, the Muslim faith or the Jewish faith,” Vander Plaat says, “stand up for those principles of the laws of nature and nature’s God.”

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