Target has gone right off the deep end this Pride month, selling Pride-friendly clothing marketed to children. Like many corporate giants, Target has often celebrated Pride month in June, with LGBTQ-friendly attire. This year, it’s gone overboard.

Here’s just a cursory look at what Target is selling to children and adults. Shirts and onesies with the wording celebrating people unhappy with the way they were born and struggling with gender dysphoria: “TRANS PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS EXIST!”

Target is selling more shirts celebrating the LGBTQ community with slogans like:

“Queer! Queer! Queer! Queer!”

“Homophobia. Transphobia. Can be cured with Education”

“Ask me about my pronouns”

“Live, Laugh, Lesbian”

Target also sells a swimsuit for children that is a one-piece bathing suit for girls that advertises itself as “tuck-friendly.” This means it is designed for a boy to wear it and “tuck” his genitalia into the one-piece suit so he can look like a girl.

Target also currently sells compression tops made by a brand called TomboyX. According to them, their compression tops are a “more comfortable alternative to a traditional binder.”

Here’s the problem with introducing LGBTQ clothing to children in a store like Target that markets itself to families: Sex and gender, particularly the idea of questioning their gender, are not concepts that children under ten years of age think about on a regular basis. Any parent knows most kids spend their childhood playing, learning letters and numbers, and being attached to their parents.

Children do not actively worry about their gender, or even their genitalia — it’s still a very subconscious part of them — unless that seed of concern or curiosity is planted. Thus, if a parent or someone else hasn’t planted that idea, but the child wanders through a few Target aisles and discovers chest binders or tuck-friendly suits, now a concept he or she isn’t fully aware of has come to light. It’s wrong to expose a child to complex, sexual or gender ideas before he or she is able to grapple with them.

Target has not only fully embraced the idea of selling LGBTQ propaganda to celebrate Pride month, but there’s a subliminal message that’s toxic too.

By selling a child’s one-piece feminine swimsuit that allows boys to “tuck” their penis inside, Target is actually communicating that children are not perfect as they are, that their gender should change, and their bodies are not perfectly normal. This is wrong. Kids already struggle to love their bodies, given the rampant perfectionism that exists on social media. Now, kids have to wonder if they are the right gender too? This is the opposite of selling a message of positivity and body acceptance.

The coordinated effort of massive corporations promoting a lifestyle that hardly existed in the population 20 years ago, let alone one that would have been encouraged and celebrated, shows what happens when the opportunistic nature of sales marries leftist propaganda. Target, a corporation that markets itself primarily for families, has purposely participated in an onslaught of messaging disguised as Pride and LGBTQ acceptance that encourages children to dislike their bodies, to entertain the idea of gender fluidity or sexuality before they are ready, and to embrace a transgender lifestyle that could ultimately produce irreversible damage to their bodies and minds.

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