Is the economy turning around? Are more jobs being created than ever before? How about that debt? With so much going on, one would think that the left wing talking heads would be focused on the “serious” issues. However, the “major crusade” for liberal Bill Press is not any of those issues. It’s getting rid of the National Anthem, which he calls “an abomination.”

Brian Maloney does a great job dissecting Bill Press’ comments on his Radio Equalizer blog. Thanks to him for putting the clip together.

Again, Press starts by saying that getting rid of the National Anthem is a “major crusade, a major cause” of his. Come on!

Press acknowledges that he will probably be criticized for being “unpatriotic,” and I’ll come back to that point in just a little bit, but he starts his comments with how “unsingable” the song is.

Now we’ve all heard musician’s botch the words. We know that the range of the song is difficult. Press points out that the song “ranges two octaves, and most people can only do kind of one octave.” But none of this goes to the core of what makes Press’ comments so typically left wing.

He then focuses on the words themselves… not the song… but the words. Press questions the appropriateness of “the home of the brave.” Press asks, “Are we the only ones who are brave on the planet?” Bill! Are you serious?

“It’s just stupid,” Press adds.

And then he finishes with: “I’m embarrassed every time I hear it.”

I’ve heard discussions for years about the National Anthem. Many folks would like to see God Bless America as a fitting replacement. What do you think?

The fact that Press wants a new song is not nearly as aggravating as the reasons why. He just couldn’t stop with describing the song’s difficult. He HAD to go left-wing on it. YES… America is the home of the brave. It’s one of the best endings of any song out there. Get a clue, Bill.

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