It’s really sad to see the state that this country is in. Millions of people drank the Barack Obama kool-aid and grabbed on to “hope and change” as if it were some kind of actual policy. Now, when the economy is a mess, and we see Obama’s glaring deficiencies on the world stage, there are still people who will vote for him no matter what. Let’s take a look at a few…

First, check out this outrageous video. The video is an interview with a number of people regarding the terrorist attacks in Libya which claimed the lives of four Americans. Many of the people in the video are not Obama supporters, but check out the ones who are!

Here’s a sample:

— “I give respect to those people in Libya who shot that diplomat because at least somebody — there’s somebody not — murder, it isn’t the way to go. But Libya has just stood up and said that, ‘We’re not gonna these drones in our country anymore attacking our kids.'”

— My response is “who cares.” He’s one man (referring to murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens).

Are these people for real? Unfortunately, yes! But it gets even worse. Howard Stern recently interviewed a number of Obama supporters. Here are some examples of their responses:

— He got the medical thing goin. He got most of the job like he said he was. You know what I’m sayin’.

— (Do you think he will eventually find and kill bin Laden?) Answer: He’ll eventually do it.

— (Do you think Obama made the right choice by choosing Paul Ryan as his vice president?) Yes.

— (Do you think he picked Paul Ryan because he’s African American or because he’s qualified?) It could be a little bit of both.

These people vote! It’s incredible. It’s no wonder that Obama just throws out feel-good phrases, because that’s all he needs to do. If people have no idea what’s going on, maybe they should just stay at home and NOT vote!

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