Here is yet another indication of just how delusional Hillary Clinton is:

This week, at a book signing in Washington, she implored federal workers not to protest Donald Trump by quitting their jobs.

Quit their jobs? Hillary, we know you’re out of touch, but really — do you realize that you couldn’t pry these tax-fattened hyenas out of their hack sinecures with the Jaws of Life?

“Stick it out!” she exhorted in an appearance at the Warner Theatre. “Stick it out!”

“Stick it out,” she repeated, “because the tide has to turn.”

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Hey Hillary, the tide may have gone out for you, but not for the federal payroll patriots. They’re still living high on the hog, making double or triple what they could be making anywhere else, “telecommuting” (which in their cases means not going to work), getting at least one three-day weekend a month, grabbing full platinum-plated medical coverage even after retire­ment, etc., etc.

And Hillary thinks they’re going to lift their snouts from the public trough and get a job … where? At the mall? At Starbucks?

“At some point,” she continued, “they’re going to need you, and the country is going to need you. And I hope you’re still there.”

Don’t worry Hillary. They’ll still be there all right. To dust off my favorite Thomas Jefferson quote, about the federal bureaucracy: “Vacancies by death are few, by resignation, never.”

Hillary apparently believed all those silly polls last year in which federal paper shufflers and pencil pushers were asked whether they would resign if the evil Trump became president. Almost a third of the respondents in some of the polls said they’d be out the door if the Russians, I mean Trump, took over. They would refuse to work under such a monster!

Proving once again that talk is cheap.

In reality, according to something called, “the quit rate for Federal employees is currently running around one-half of one percent (0.5%).”

Which is one-fifth of the rate of turnover in the Dreaded Private Sector — 2.5 percent.

Want some more stats on how astonishingly lucrative it is to have a government job, as opposed to real work?

“For those with a high-school education or less,” The Washington Post reports, “the government’s benefits package was found to be 93 percent higher.”

A federal employee collects on average $26 an hour in benefits, compared to $18 in the DPS.

And behind it all comes the pension, what they call the “defined-benefit retirement annuity,” which the Post describes, with droll understatement, as “a benefit that is increasingly rare in the private sector.”

Increasingly rare to the point of nonexistent.

And Hillary thinks the federal hacks are going to throw away that kiss in the mail, on top of everything else, for a private-sector job at the end of which, at age 70 or thereabouts, comes a new job, at the supermarket checkout counter, asking, “Paper or plastic?”

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