The only thing richer than the Democratic Party’s history of sexual perversion is their astounding willingness to lecture others on the subject.

On Friday, we learned of sexual assault allegations against casino magnate and RNC Finance Chairman Steve Wynn. The shocking accounts of his harassment, manipulation and worse paint the picture of the worst kind of cad — or a medium degenerate-level Democratic senator.

Hours after the story first appeared in The Wall Street Journal, giddy Democrats were pounding the table and their shih tzu media was yapping about how the Republican National Committee needed to return all of Wynn’s donations immediately and account for his behavior. Their contention was that Wynn equals Weinstein and what’s good for the goose … .

A couple of things.

By yesterday afternoon, Wynn had left the RNC. The move came less than a day after the news dropped. It took the Democratic National Committee days to determine what to do with Weinstein donations. And when they finally did decide to make good, they simply cut checks to liberal political organizations — and only ever “returned” a fraction of Harvey’s generous tithings.

More importantly, Wynn is not Harvey Weinstein. Liberal, Democratic loyalist Weinstein is the S.O.A.T. — Sickest Of All Time. The dozens of allegations against him include accounts of rape, sexual assault of one kind or another, rampant intimidation and exacting career-ending retribution.

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All while raising tons of money for his friends in the Democratic Party. Weinstein was a “bundler” for President Obama in his re-election bid and whipped up a cool $679,275 for the cause. Add that to the fact that he visited the Obama White House 13 times — he was basically part of the team.

Wynn has thrown cash to both parties. More to Republicans, to be sure, but a look at his nods for the 2016 presidential race shows donations to Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton. Nothing for Donald Trump.

Democrats should lie low with this one — especially in the #MeToo era. As Hollywood gave us Weinstein, Democrats gave us the Clintons, most recently Hillary, whose inner circle is lousy with sexual degenerates. Her husband has been accused of sexual assault multiple times. He was found in contempt of court for giving false testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment trial. But we could go on all day about him, definitely the P.O.A.T. — Perviest Of All Time.

Sure, Hillary’s BFF’s husband, Anthony Weiner, is in a Massachusetts jail for sexting a teenager, and we found out Friday that loyal Clinton campaign staffer Burns Strider had been accused of harassing a young woman in her office in 2008. Hillary went to bat for that particular sleazeball and shipped the accuser off. Years later, Strider was fired amid allegations that he harassed another young woman.

Another one for the Clinton coaching tree.

So don’t lecture anyone, Democrats. You’re a depraved lot.

Maybe the RNC should take a page from the DNC’s playbook and donate the Wynn money to a pro-woman organization. How about the NRA? The one that Harvey Weinstein waged war against. Nothing like a woman armed with deadly force to put a pervert in his place.


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