Left-wing criticisms keep coming after Georgia legislators passed a heartbeat bill but a pro-life activist says one critic in particular doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about.

“We have to be a state that is not only friendly to business,” Georgia legislator Stacey Abrams, speaking to MSNBC, said, “we’ve got to be friendly to women who work in these businesses.”

Abrams, who lost the race for governor last year, was referring to Hollywood-led threats to boycott the state, a threat she said she opposes.

She went on to suggest Gov. Brian Kemp is backing an “abominable and evil bill” that it bad for “morality and humanity” in the state, and also bad for business.

“Unfortunately, from Ms. Abrams’ comments, it seems like her understanding of ethics and business is a little limited on this regard,” responds Joshua Edmonds of Georgia Life Alliance.

From just an economic standpoint, Edmonds says Georgia is better off both ethically and economically if 20,000 Georgians are alive and not aborted.

“And that’s exactly what the heartbeat bill is going to do in Georgia,” he says.

According to USA Today, Gov. Kemp has until May 12 to sign the bill or veto it. The state legislature passed it in late March, and the governor has stated publicly he would sign it if it reached his desk.

“Governor Kemp looked me in the eyes in the final days of the session,” Edmonds tells OneNewsNow, “and told me that he is committed to signing this legislation and we have no concerns that he will not do just that.”


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