After years of legal battles, the high school cheerleaders of the Kountze Independent School District (KISD) in Texas, who displayed their faith during football games, emerged victorious earlier this month in their battle with school officials.

The Texas Supreme Court denied hearing the appeal by KISD in its attempt to ban the cheerleaders from painting Bible verses on run-through banners at football games.

First Liberty Deputy General Counsel Jeremy Dys maintains that this this should finally end the school’s legal battle.

“After five or six years of litigation of trying to tell cheerleaders that they can commandeer their speech when it appears on campus grounds, the school district needs to leave this alone,” Dys asserted. “They have to accept the fact that students have the right to engage in speech – and religious speech in particular – when they walk through the school house gates.”

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The legal expert also pointed out that this issue is happening all across the nation and stressed that school districts should take notice of this major court decision.

“The taxpayers down in Kountze Independent School District are footing the bill for years of litigation that just does not need to happen,” Dys impressed. “I mean look, what school districts across the country now need to realize is that students have the right to give reference to their faith in campus speech – including private religious speech like this.”

Earlier this year in January, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the banners cannot be characterized as government speech, according to a Fox News report.


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