One of America’s most prestigious universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has published a pro-communism book that teaches children in the United States to “yearn to be free of misery of capitalism” and embrace the “new” communism.

MIT Press – one of the most prominent university publishers in the U.S. – is publishing the book titled Communism for Kids that instructs American youth to shun the economic system that has made their country the most powerful economic force on the planet … and embrace a system that has resulted in poverty and millions of deaths worldwide over the past century.

Communism good, capitalism bad

The book’s propaganda tells of the “wonders” of communism and villainizes capitalism in a fairytale setting so that America’s youth are led to believe that the former will end oppression, inequality and suffering.

“Once upon a time, people yearned to be free of the misery of capitalism,” the promotion of the book begins, according to WND. “How could their dreams come true?”

Children are led to warm up to the idea of communism in the book written by German author Bini Adamczak via a series fairy tales, which teach the Karl Marx’s tenets.

“Adamczak reportedly specializes in political theory and ‘queer politics,’” WND informed about the author of the book that has been translated by Jacob Blumenfeld and Sophie Lewis. “His thesis is that communism is ‘not that hard,’ but has not been implemented in the right way.”

The author attempts to repackage communism and sell children a new brand of the failed economic and social system of government.

“This little book proposes a different kind of communism, one that is true to its ideals and free from authoritarianism,” the jacket description reads, according to “It all unfolds like a story, with jealous princesses, fancy swords, displaced peasants, mean bosses, and tired workers – not to mention a Ouija board, a talking chair, and a big pot called ‘the state.’”

Animation, euphemisms and scare tactics are all reportedly used to sway American youth to start a communist revolution.

“The book uses cartoon drawings of ‘lovable little revolutionaries’ to help convince kids of the ‘evils’ of capitalism,” WND pointed out.

MIT Press attempts to disarm American parents, educators and children to create a new openness to a communist form of government.

“Offering relief for many who have been numbed by Marxist exegesis and given headaches by the earnest pompousness of socialist politics, it presents political theory in the simple terms of a children’s story, accompanied by illustrations of lovable little revolutionaries experiencing their political awakening,” the university publisher states, according to Amazon. “Before they know it, readers are learning about the economic history of feudalism, class struggles in capitalism, different ideas of communism, and more.”

Breaking young Americans in to communism

The new children’s title reportedly discounts the many dangers and failures of communism as witnessed over the past century across the world.

“The book lays out various approaches to communism, all of which fail,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “However, Communism for Kids ends with the message that class warfare could still lead to a ‘better world.’”

MIT’s new title is already extremely popular with Leftists – even though the system it promotes is responsible for mass genocides over the decades.

“The book is currently the number one new release in the “Communism and Socialism” category on Amazon,” the Beacon’s Elizabeth Harrington informed. “Communist regimes have killed approximately 100 million people over the past century.”


With Leftists still in dismay over President Donald Trump beating their Democratic champion Hillary Clinton, liberal novelist Rachel Kushner insists that American children really need this book – now.

“Communism for Kids, by Bini Adamczak, is in fact for everyone, an inspired and necessary book especially now, a moment when people feel that we are on the verge of the destruction of the world, and without any new world to hope for, or believe in,” Kushner shared on, which notes that she is a fan of revolutionary themes and often “scares male critics.” “Have 200 years of capitalism brought us freedom? Or just more inequality than has ever been experienced by humans on earth?”

She argues that people who stick to capitalism are enslaved to it.

“Global capitalism is not human destiny – it merely is,” Kushner contended. “To think beyond it, with the help of Adamczak’s primer, is to take a first step toward freedom, at least the freedom to imagine other worlds.”

MIT says its newly published books opens up minds – young and old – to freethinking and a new sense of social and economic liberty.

“At last, the people take everything into their own hands and decide for themselves how to continue,” the publisher concludes on Amazon. “Happy ending? Only the future will tell. With an epilogue that goes deeper into the theoretical issues behind the story, this book is perfect for all ages and all who desire a better world.”

Reviews tell it all

Communism for Kids, which Amazon is selling for $12.95, received approximately 60 customer reviews so far, and the comments have not been kind for the most part, as the 101-page book received an average rating of only two out of five stars.

However, it currently appears on Amazon’s top-five bestsellers lists in the “Government” category (ranked fifth) as well as on the “Communism and Socialism” category, where it has fluctuated between first and second place.

Even though some Leftist reviews remarked that the children’s book “makes Marxism cool again!” many who posted submissions last week gave it a one out of five rating and used their comments on Amazon as “buyer beware” warnings, as seen below:

“This is really embarrassing,” wrote “Chad and Kristen.” “Please, if you’re going to propagandize, at least don’t mislead our children. Communism has killed more people than all the wars in history combined.”

Another reader took the opportunity to warn children and parents.

“Children’s books are written for the naive, of course, but this one was also written BY the naïve,” wrote “JoeQPublic.” “While done in a cutes-ey style, the book is idiotic and almost unreadable. Its timing is ironic, given that Venezuela is currently melting down even as the book releases, another country fallen victim to the very economics pushed in this book. And lest we forget, 2 million people have starved to death in the past decade in North Korea, the world’s last fully Communist state. Many of the dead were children. This ideology has murdered or starved over 60 million people – how about we don’t pass the virus on to the next generation?”

One reader noted the irony behind selling the book on the website.

“If communism is so great, why are they selling the book?” “long time IT guy” asked. “Isn’t that capitalism?”

One reviewer used personal experience to denounce the book.

“I grew up in … communism and believe me, the idea of communism will never work,” commented “B. László.” “This idea is based on mass murder. I was a kid and I know what communism [is] for a kid. My family didn’t do anything against [the] regime, and this is why they w[ere] not killed, just imprisoned and abused every day. The police br[oke] into our home every week and made a mess and br[oke] our stuff – just for fun. And this is communism. Communism for Kids’ is simply: you have no right to have dreams. No matter what talent you have, you will do what Party order[s] you. You cannot study, you cannot choose … you have to obey.”

Another parent reader was livid about the book’s promotion in the public schools.

“What a disgrace – I’m assuming this is sold as fiction?” asked “Jacob Emery.” “I’m willing to bet public schools and teachers unions buy every copy of this book. If my kid ever brings this … home …”

One reviewer appealed to history to justify her condemnation of the book.

“[E]very time someone says they ‘perverted the theory’, or that ‘this is true communism’, I load my gun and hide my wallet,” commented “Cliente Amazon.” “Communism is social CANCER. It was made to fail, it was designed to be perverted. If you think a government should have enough power to take people’s possessions and ‘redistribute them’, congratulations, you’ve just supported an autocratic dictatorship, as it ALWAYS HAPPENS, EVERY TIME AND EVERYWHERE IT WAS IMPLEMENTED. The conclusion is simple: with pretty soft talk, with good looking images [not in this case, btw], a politician tries to amass enough popular support to get into power. After that he will NOT fulfill any of his promises [or at least will do it until the money ends] and will install a crisis, which in turn will justify the increase of his executive power until he becomes ‘the state.’ This story repeated itself DOZENS OF TIMES. But ‘the theory was perverted’…. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!”

Another used semi-serious humor to prove a point against the problematic book.

“I’m pleased to see the cover of this book contains pictures of children smashing things with hammers,” wrote “Rich Peacock.” “It is reminiscent of the time Chinese Communists trained school children to kill their bourgeois teachers and a number were beaten to death.”


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