Researchers are starting to point to what they believe is the culprit behind the increased reports about young, fit athletes or celebrities or medical personnel suddenly dropping dead – and no one seems to know why.

It could be a soccer player one day, a college basketball player the next, and an actor the day after that. Dr. Peter McCullough is chief scientific officer for The Wellness Company, a Florida-based group it says is dedicated to “medical freedom and truth” and “put[ting] the patient first.” During an interview Wednesday (Dec. 21) on American Family Radio, McCullough said the public isn’t just imagining the unexplained uptick in sudden deaths among the supposedly healthy.

“Eighty-five percent of people who take the vaccine are fine. They have not been injured,” he stated. “But 15% have some new medical problem. The CDC V-safe data shows that 7% to 8% of people who take the shot are so sick they have to go to the ER and be hospitalized.

“Now we see the Society of Actuaries reporting stunning statistics of working-age people dying …. We’re seeing 20-, 40-, 60-percent rates of excess deaths,” McCullough added.

According to McCullough, the spike protein produced by the injection is the culprit. “This vaccine gets distributed to the brain, the heart, the adrenal glands – all throughout the body,” he explains. “The spike protein that’s produced from the genetic code causes damage; [and] the FDA says the vaccines cause heart damage, blood clots. So, the FDA agrees to this.”

But still, McCullough says, the Biden administration is barreling ahead, pushing the “vaccine” and boosters.

“… From the very beginning, [the government] has been completely committed to mass vaccination as the only solution to the pandemic – and that is without exception,” he told the radio audience. “They believe each and every person in the country should be taking a shot every six months or more frequently.”

He concluded with this statement: “It doesn’t matter [to the government] about safety. They could care less how many people die with a vaccine, suffer heart damage or [get] blood clots. It’s a government stance.”

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