You say you’ve never heard of Jack Smith? Well, chances are you will be hearing his name in the news for quite some time – until you are sick to death of it.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Smith as special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump in relation to the Jan. 6 “insurrection” that has fueled the imagination of Democrats for the past two years and the FBI search of Trump’s Florida residence earlier this year.

It’s once more down the rabbit hole for Democrats who have already impeached Trump twice and who remain committed to putting the 2024 presidential candidate behind bars.

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We need another investigation of Trump – though a special counsel or otherwise – like we need a hole in our heads. If the Democrats could impeach Trump again, believe me, they would attempt to do so.

This is not about whether you think Trump is the natural or even the desirable candidate to lead the Republicans into the 2024 election. It doesn’t matter whether you are furious over Trump’s small-minded attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) — as I am. This is about another vicious and redundant political mugging of the former president.

Why has Garland, who is vying for the title of most partisan attorney general with Barack Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, appointed a special counsel to investigate Trump over issues that could be settled by a private investigator before lunch? He is trying not just to intimidate Trump but all Republicans, and also hoping to implicate some House Republicans along the way and perhaps removing them from Congress in order to restore a Democratic majority in the House.

You think that a bit far-fetched even for the Democrats?

Ever since Archibald Cox was appointed a special prosecutor for Watergate, government and sometimes the public has been fixated on having supposedly independent lawyers and justices appointed to investigate politicians. In reality, these offices have become monumental wastes of public money and everyone’s time.

Garland has been a massive failure as attorney general – at least as far the public good is concerned. He has been a massive success as far as Democrats are concerned. He has demonized parents who object to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their children’s classrooms. Garland has depicted them as domestic terrorists who are undermining democracy. Gov. DeSantis was correct in eviscerating Garland for “weaponizing the DOJ” by doing so.

But Garland has been guilty by omission as well.

Why hasn’t Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden? Well, the reason is obvious: the administration he works for does not want questions asked or answered about how Hunter or his father made money by working with China. But it is clear an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden would require a special counsel for the very fact that there is so much information to compile and sift through that it requires the focused effort of one investigation team.

Although some in the media were quick to applaud Garland’s appointment of a special counsel because it someone made the persecution of Donald Trump less political, given his recent announcement that he intends to again seek the presidency of the United States, that is a moot point because a special counsel is not necessary. What was the purpose of the January 6 committee hearings if not to substantiate accusations that Trump either organized or supported this hapless riot? They ultimately proved neither and the hearings were nothing but a kangaroo court designed to showcase the ramblings and shortcomings of unknown Democrats and faded, traitorous Republicans who thought the procedure might endow them with a veneer of political heroism but ultimately left the lot of them looking politically desperate and defeated.

And thankfully the new Republican House will shut down this no-think tank like a department store in San Francisco.

Even if Trump somehow did provoke the riot – perhaps by mental telepathy – he did not break any laws, and scores of Democrats need to investigated and prosecuted for urging people to strike back at Republicans.

That leads us to the Mar-a-Lago break-in by FBI agents. Was there any smoking gun discovered in this debacle? Was Trump secreting the nuclear codes at his residence or attempting to hide any other top-secret files from his office? Why would he even do that?

Nothing of the sort has emerged and you can be sure that it would have been announced by the Democrat-serving FBI on the first day of the investigation, had any such disclosure been possible.

There is not enough work here for a special counsel – unless that special counsel decides to expand the investigation into other areas. What other areas? The possibilities are endless when it comes to Donald Trump. Because some Democrats clearly believe that Trump was never really elected, conspired with Russia and was a lawbreaker during his entire time in the White House. So this is open season on Trump and Trump supporters – those bad MAGA people that President Joe Biden is always saying are a worse threat than the Nazis.

Interestingly, just a day before Garland made his announcement, Republicans announced that they would initiate their own investigation into Joe Biden, “Mr. Big,” who has somehow managed to remain as president without answering a single question about his connection to his son’s business dealings and how Biden senior, as vice president, was able to seemingly trade the accessibility of his high office to grease the business skids of his wayward child.

Reps. James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) got right to work last Thursday by announcing that their target wasn’t just Hunter Biden but the president himself, saying they believed the senior Biden was just as active in his business dealings with China as his son was.

Comer referred to a variety of whistleblowers who told Republicans that the Bidens had made millions of dollars through outright influence peddling “or simply offering access to the family.”

“Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised? That’s our investigation,” Comer said.

Of course Joe Biden was listening to all of this. If he was comprehending the extent of the accusations and potential penalty to any of it, you can be sure he was on the verge of crapping his pants before his handlers suggested a counter-offensive. Go after Trump. Change the channel. The GOP can have their committees, but you as president have an AG who can appoint a special counsel. Go for it.

That’s probably what happened.

Naturally the Republicans were quick to accuse Biden of weaponizing the Department of Justice (DOJ) with the special counsel.

That was a bit like identifying a nuclear missile as a weapon of mass destruction because Biden has been arming the DOJ against Republicans since he was inaugurated.

It really is time to take aim at another target and start asking how a man like Joe Biden could remain so long in politics and never have to address the titanic conflicts of interest and quid pro quos that crowd out any desire to perform the public good that might have ever resided in his soul.

But it’s high time to take a closer look not only at his soul but his human frailty. Because Biden has been getting away with this for too long.

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