Call it “Sitting Bull in a china shop.”

A stunning picture. Live. Real. Raw. Tense. Wit’s end fury.

At the focal point in the picture: Total calm.

Arms crossed, suit-coat slightly rumpled. Seated. Eyes open, passive, unseeing. Mouth set contentedly.

President Trump, leader of the free world, G-1, sits in a room surrounded by utterly powerless and exhausted G-6, like weary parents whose child has gone through all 17 stages of an airport meltdown tantrum and has — finally — decided to just sit on the floor.

Arms crossed. Unmovable.

Vintage Donald Trump.

The picture — dispatched to the world by a fed up German diplomat inside the Canadian china shoppe — is marvelous for so many reasons. Not the least of which is that it’s the latest attempt by Mr. Trump’s detractors desperate to embarrass him — only to have it backfire.

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No doubt if you are a self-regarding elite globalist enthralled with being loved by European leaders, then, sure, you will be shredded with rage over this picture showing an obdurate U.S. president — sitting arms crossed, uncaring — as the entire cabal of global leaders tries in vain to curb him, force him into line.

How dare the president of the United States shirk the august authority of the global puppet masters!

But, then again, you already hated the guy.

What Mr. Trump’s detractors are too dumb to understand is that it is precisely for these reasons that this picture brings Mr. Trump’s supporters to their feet cheering the president’s defiance in the face of such pearl-clutching wrath and fury.

And by “Mr. Trump’s supporters,” I simply mean regular patriotic Americans who want an American president to represent America’s interests instead of everybody else’s.

In the picture, America’s Sitting Bull president looks straight ahead, past all the global glares. He is surrounded as if the subject of some kind of opioid addiction intervention.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel — hands planted on the table between them — leans toward Mr. Trump, glowering intensely. Off to the side is Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — arms crossed, deep bags under his eyes from sleepless nights — staring off in drained frustration.

To be fair, this picture does not depict the first time this century that American interests were at striking odds against those of Germany and Japan. But — lucky for Ms. Merkel and Mr. Abe — we Americans are a forgiving people. We moved on before and will move on again.

After fighting some final rear-guard action over Twitter as he left Canada, President Sitting Bull flew to Singapore.

As he opens talks with North Korea in hopes of eliminating another Axis of Evil without firing a shot, the entire global intelligentsia is left sputtering and gasping over his highly undiplomatic behavior — I’m sorry, “behaviour” — in the Land of Loons.

Well, it’s probably worth remembering at a moment like this that every single ticking time bomb around the world today — from Iran to Syria to Russia to Afghanistan to North Korea — every single one of them is the work product of all the great global diplomatic geniuses like Angela Merkel and John Kerry and Barack Obama.

All of these great diplomats either caused the problems that Mr. Trump inherited or they ignored them so long that they festered into a much worse and much more dangerous problems.

Like North Korea. After years of “strategic indifference,” as the haughty diplomats call it, North Korea is now a nuclear nation with long range missiles helmed by a short, fat, murderous little jarhead, a hermit-crab of a despot.

All the great diplomats before have failed.

Let’s see what President Sitting Bull can do.

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