The double standard that exists for those on the left is staggering. They yell for inclusion and tolerance, yet if you say something they disagree with, will they include you? Will they be tolerant? Those on the left also feel that they can do or say anything and get away with it, but just look at what happens when Mitt Romney makes an Obama joke.

First, keep in mind left-wingers like Joe Biden say things like Republicans are going to “put y’all back in chains,” and the comments are largely ignored by the media:

Then, we have this ad that accuses Romney of essentially killing the wife of a steel worker:

Mitt Romney was also accused by Sen. Harry Reid of not paying taxes in ten years. This is a serious allegation, but does Reid back it up or offer proof? No. But left-wingers can say anything.

Now… look at what Mitt Romney said:

For those on the left who are already coming unglued… RELAX! It’s a joke that Romney is making. But just check out this reaction:

Wow! The most despicable bigotry that we can imagine? Scraping the bottom of the racist narrative? Come on people!

It’s actually quite funny to me to hear these comments. Barack Obama is running and hiding from his record. He throws out distractions like Bain Capital and tax returns, and yet these MSNBC moonbats claim that Romney throws out a “birther” comment because he has nothing substantive to say? It was an opening line of a long speech!

I guess we now know that telling a heavily black audience that Republicans will “put y’all back in chains” is ok if you are a left-winger, but making a joke about Obama’s birth certificate if you’re a Republican isn’t. Love that double standard!

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