Freedom. It’s one of those precious elements that makes America a truly unique country. But after decades of liberal influence, it seems our freedoms are slowly slipping away. Support some radical agenda? The left will praise you and support you in the name of “inclusion.” What about if you stand for traditional values? Then you are attacked, ostracized, and targeted. Just look at what’s happening to Lowe’s Home Improvement since the company decided to stop advertising on a reality show about American Muslims.

The Learning Channel (TLC) started a new reality show called “All-American Muslim.” TLC describes the program in this way:

All-American Muslim takes a look at life in Dearborn, Michigan–home to the largest mosque in the United States–through the lens of five Muslim American families.

Each episode offers an intimate look at the customs and celebrations, misconceptions and conflicts these families face outside and within their own community.

In response to the show, the Florda Family Association began a compaign which encouraged supporters to contact the program’s advertisers to get them to pull their ads from “All-American Muslim.”

The Learning Channel’s new show All-American Muslim is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law. The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish.

Many situations were profiled in the show from a Muslim tolerant perspective while avoiding the perspective that would have created Muslim conflict thereby contradicting The Learning Channel’s agenda to inaccurately portray Muslims in America.

Please check out the press release to see the list of companies that stopped advertising on the show. Now, watch the CNN report on the story of Lowe’s Home Improvement’s decision to stop advertising on the TLC program. Note the sacrasm throughout the report!

I bet you’re already forming opinions about what you think, right? However, we have still not reached my main problem with this story. As noted in the report on Fox News, a California state senator is threatening legal action against Lowe’s. That’s right… LEGAL ACTION. Are you kidding me?

Calling the Lowe’s decision “un-American” and “naked religious bigotry,” Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, told The Associated Press he would also consider legislative action if Lowe’s doesn’t apologize to Muslims and reinstate its ads. The senator sent a letter outlining his complaints to Lowe’s Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Niblock.

“The show is about what it’s like to be a Muslim in America, and it touches on the discrimination they sometimes face. And that kind of discrimination is exactly what’s happening here with Lowe’s,” Lieu said.

Doesn’t Lowe’s have the freedom to advertise whenever and wherever it wants? If you like it, support it. If you don’t, protest it. But legal action? As one can read from the Lowe’s statement, the decision was not based on their objection to the programming material.

“Individuals and groups have strong political and societal views on this topic, and this program became a lightning rod for many of those views,” the statement said. “As a result we did pull our advertising on this program. We believe it is best to respectfully defer to communities, individuals and groups to discuss and consider such issues of importance.”

So, in an attempt to avoid a controversial show, Lowe’s is now embroiled in controversy. But any legislator who threatens legal action against an individual or corporation for choosing to NOT do something is a complete abuse of power.

As far as the content of the TLC program, I’ll let you decide. As noted by the Florida Family Association’s press release, the show is just as interesting for what it excludes from coverage as what is presented in the program.

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