Some of the things Hillary Clinton said last night were breathtaking.

She claimed she wants to appoint a “special prosecutor.” Really? You know, I think Ken Starr is available.

She mentioned Donald Trump’s “cavalier attitude” about nuclear proliferation. This from the woman who brags about the Iranian nuclear deal.

She said she’s been talking to dishwashers. Where are the fact-checkers when you really need them?

On the subject of his taxes, she said, “There’s something he’s hiding.” Now that is Chutzpah with a capital C, coming from somebody who deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails.

And then, when she did get called out on something, she just didn’t respond. Trump brought up the fact that this Black Lives Matter coddler once called young black criminals “super-predators,” and she didn’t even respond.

Trump pointed out that it was her Rasputin, Sid Vicious Blumenthal, who first spread the birther stories about Barack Obama. Again, no response. And as with the “super-predators,” moderator Lester Holt let it slide.

Being Hillary Clinton means never having to say you’re sorry. She’s a Democrat, after all. It was left to Trump to point out that the Empress has no pants suit.

“When you try to act holier than thou,” he said, “it really doesn’t work.”

But what did you expect? You knew from the beginning how this debate was going to go. It was predicted all over the internet yesterday.

If Hillary Clinton did a lousy job, debates don’t matter, never have, forget about it. If she did a great job, that’s it, election over.

Conversely, if Trump did a great job, debates don’t matter, never have, forget about it. If he did a lousy job, that’s it, election over.

Which is why Donald Trump threw out his challenge to Hillary Clinton to “release” her 33,000 deleted emails. He didn’t push it. He let her demand that he release his tax returns, and he said he’ll do that when she ponies up the deleted emails.

“I made a mistake,” she said.

“That’s for sure,” he cut in.

All night, he kept zinging her like that. She started up with her faux outrage about how he said before the recession he wouldn’t mind real estate prices plummeting because he could make more money.

“That’s called business, by the way,” he said.

At another point, she said, “I think I’m going to be blamed for everything.”

“Why not?” Trump interjected.

Then she speculated that he pays nothing in federal income taxes.

“That makes me smart,” he said.

He tried to be nice, well sort of. No more “Crooked Hillary.”

“Secretary Clinton,” he said. “Is that okay. I want you to be happy. That’s very, very important to me.”

One last thing: In my column Sunday, I asked the question, what’s the over-under on how many minutes it will take Hillary to tell everybody yet again that she’s a grandmother.

Minutes? She did it in the first 20 seconds. When you’re dealing with the Clintons, it’s impossible to be too cynical.


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