Pete Buttigieg is an open and defiant homosexual who wants to be our next president. Barack Obama himself included Buttigieg among the young “gifted Democratic politicians out there.”

As I explained in an earlier column, his sexual proclivities are enough all by themselves to disqualify him from the Oval Office. We can certainly understand the left’s condemnation of President Trump for his sexual romps with porn stars 12 or 13 years ago. This means, of course, that unless they are profoundly hypocritical, regressives will be able to understand our legitimate concerns about Buttigieg’s aberrant sexual conduct and what it means for his qualifications to become the leader of the Free World.

We have a natural desire to have a man as president who is a role model for Americans, a man to be respected for his character and conduct. I agree with my friends who believe that Trump’s sexual record falls well short of what we should aspire to see in a president. But if President Trump’s conduct falls short of the standard, then certainly Mr. Buttigieg’s behavior is a significant notch below that.

Given the abysmal state of the American family today, the last thing we need is a president who models sexual behavior that deviates radically from God’s standard. Our goal always ought to be to select as president a man who lives a life worthy of imitation. Pete Buttigieg cannot provide us with that model. His “husband” hopes to be “the first man in history to pick out the White House china.”

But it’s not just his sexual orientation we must worry about. It’s his sexual politics. Buttigieg embraces virtually every part of the extremist LGBT agenda, including its push for special rights for transgenders. He said, “We’ve got to end the war on trans-Americans,” and said he would be hard-pressed to sign the Equality Act in 2020 if it did not contain robust special protections for transgenders. He promised that people who are so sexually confused they don’t know if they are male or female will have “a very prominent place” in his campaign.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of “The Equality Act” (more accurately, “The Homosexual Supremacy Act”). This bill is the single greatest direct threat to the America established by the Founders. Every right we cherish would be threatened by this bill, including our first liberty – the right to the free exercise of our Christian faith.

The Equality Act pushes special rights for non-normative sexual behavior to the top of the pyramid and requires that anytime there is a conflict between sexual normalcy and the radical sexuality of the LGBT lobby, radical and extremist sexuality is guaranteed to win.

This is because there is no religious exemption in this bill. In fact, any kind of provision for religious liberty is specifically prohibited. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed by President Clinton in 1993, will be effectively revoked by this bill. Churches will be required to hire homosexual choir directors and nursery workers and allow every attendee to use the bathroom of his choice, even if it means men barging into restrooms reserved for little girls.

Adoption agencies will be required to place children in homes where sodomy is practiced or be put out of the adoption business altogether. Wedding vendors will be forced to violate their deeply held religious convictions or be fined, shut down, and jailed.

Therapists who try to help teens overcome unwanted same-sex attractions will have their professional licenses yanked and be put out of business.

Chai Feldblum, former member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, once famously said that, when religious liberty and the LGBT agenda collide, she could not think of a “single instance” in which liberty should prevail. Not a “single instance!” Pete Buttigieg could not agree more. Under a Buttigieg presidency, it would indeed be “Homosexuality Uber Alles.”

Buttigieg’s own sexual preference is a huge problem in all this. His identity is wrapped up in getting societal approval for his behavior. He cannot live in a society that does not celebrate his sexual choices. If that means trampling on the First Amendment, tough darts.

He will use his sexual preference like a shield to protect himself and his agenda from criticism by accusing anyone who challenges his radical sexual agenda of hatred and bigotry. We’ve already seen that in the shameful way he has treated Mike Pence, who has been nothing but kind, gracious, and personable in all his interactions with Buttigieg.

In other matters, Buttigieg believes “climate change” is a threat to our national security, and supports gun control laws, single-payer health care, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Do not let his boyish good looks and charm deceive you. He threatens everything that you and I cherish.

Under President Buttigieg, the First Amendment will be eviscerated. It will just be words on parchment, a relic of a time gone by when America was free.

Bottom line: President Pete Buttigieg will be the greatest threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history. As the proverb has it, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” Consider yourself warned.

Bryan Fischer hosts “Focal Point with Bryan Fischer” every weekday on AFR Talk (American Family Radio) from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. (Central). He is author of the just-released The Boy to Man Book: Preparing Your Son for Manhood.

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